My Blog – Organized Chaos


My blog has been all over the place lately and sadly, that’s exactly how I like it. So much is on my mind. One day it’s a photograph or a quote that I love, the next day I bitch about politics or praise a book. 

When I tried to organize the chaos, I realized it’s not possible. I want to write about everything. I want to share whatever goofy thought comes to my mind. I suppose that’s how I came up with Smart Ass Tuesday, to begin with.

There it was, a category that would allow me to be all over the place, just how I like it. Is this the answer to my blogging problem? I don’t know,  but it didn’t leave me alone.

So, just like I rearrange the furniture in our home, once again, I am going to reorganize my blog, and I decided to categorize by days.

Feel Good Monday 

Smart Ass Tuesday

Wordless Wednesday

Intimate Thursday

Opinionated Friday

Yummy Weekend

Perhaps the silliest blogging idea I ever had. We shall see – time will tell.

Chances that I will soon rebel against my own rules are high, but you knew that, didn’t you?

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14 thoughts on “My Blog – Organized Chaos

  1. I never really thought about my blog being “about” anything in particular…. it’s just me! I share the things I love, bits of my life, blogging is what got me started taking photos and rekindled my love of bird watching. I just share, I guess. It is what it is!!

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  2. My blog started back in 2006 or 2007 being about me going back to grad school after age 50. Once I graduated I considered ending the blog, but it had morphed into something else by then anyway so I continued. At one point I asked everybody that read what to do because I had no focus and we as a group decided no focus was just fine. Still…..I sometimes think there should be separate blogs for cooking, for Katie, for family. But I don’t think I could manage more than one blog, just like I can’t manage more than one dog or more than one husband. So it is a disjointed who knows what’s on tap for today kind of blog. Works for me. I’ll be interested to see if you are able to keep your concept of specific days going.

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