6 Minutes and 20 Seconds

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I noticed the silence, turned around and looked at her on my screen. The young girl just stood there, didn’t say a word and at first, I didn’t understand. 

I don’t watch the news anymore, I have it on but don’t pay too much attention. Much is happening too fast, it’s healthier for me to have it in the background now. “Why doesn’t she speak?” I wondered.

Emma Gonzales stood quietly in front of the microphone for 6 minutes and 20 seconds. A powerful silence that was heard all over the world. I stopped cleaning, sat down and watched her, minutes that felt like an eternity.

6 minutes and 20 seconds, that she says was the amount of time it took a shooter to kill 17 people at her school in Florida last month.

I thought about my school times and the fears I had back then. Being unprepared for a test or being called by name to answer questions I forgot to learn. I wondered about my grades and the other kids in my class, wished for less homework.

Today’s children fear for their lives when they go to school. I cannot even begin to imagine how it must feel.

I looked at Emma, saw the large crowd and tears rolled down my cheeks.

The youth gives me hope. I am impressed by the numbers who marched yesterday all over the world. They demand change, they want to be heard -they will not go away. One poster read: “I march today and vote tomorrow,” a clear message to politicians on both sides.

“If you cannot stop a movement, then lead it!” The politicians who will remember this old quote will be the winner at the end.




17 thoughts on “6 Minutes and 20 Seconds

  1. I watched several hours of Saturday’s coverage of the march in Washington, and I was so moved and impressed that at one point I began recording it so my husband could watch it later. I was moved to tears several times, and completely feel as you do that these youth give me hope. Emma Gonzalez was powerful in delivering the silence. I will be watching her to see where she goes in her future. She’s an amazing young woman!


  2. I shed my share of tears watching these amazing kids, the movement for change they have started. As adults we have failed them so, and now here they are, stepping up to the plate. They bring such needed hope to all of us.😪💞

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  3. The Sound of Silence. It said so much! Like you, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I was getting uncomfortable. Then I realized what she was doing. Very powerful. She reminded me of Joan of Arc.

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  4. 😢 Oh Bridget, I want to say something encouraging and uplifting, but I don’t have the words.

    These wonderful young people who are trying so hard to effect change, will become disillusioned … like all those before them. Nothing will change … or the change will be imperceptibly small and insignificant.

    I WANT to believe. If ever there was a time I hoped to be proven wrong, THIS IS IT … but …

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  5. Emma is a great voice for change, even when she is silent. I was furious to see that there’s a photo-shopped photo of her supposedly ripping up the bill of rights.


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