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I have been down with a head cold and self-inflicted ear infection. Turns out they make hats for a reason. One should wear them when it’s ice cold and windy outside. Who would have thought? 

I sat in my chair in the living -drugged up with medications and eardrops- sipped a cup of tea and had a lovely pity party all by myself. I didn’t feel like reading, decided to watch the first episode of the “Rosanne reboot”  because I was curious what all the fuss is about.

I made it about 10 minutes into the show when I realized that I never liked Roseanne. I liked the show and the other actors, but never cared for her -at all. She is too rude, too obnoxious, there is nothing warm or inviting about her. I don’t find her smart or witty at all. I could never warm up to her character, she is a bully in the original show.

Now she is back. She is older, a bit thinner but still the same personality. This time Roseanne, speaks on behalf of the working class (I assume that’s the real joke?)

In the show, she is a Trump supporter who has a feud with her Sister Jackie, who voted for Clinton. Lot’s of slogans and platitudes are exchanged, all feels vintage and stiff -even the punchlines.

The show starts with Roseanne and Dan trading prescription medications on the kitchen table, a serious faux pas in times when this nation has to deal with a real opioid epidemic.

I could not make it through the first episode, and that is not because of politics. I am older now too and have become much more sensitive to the problem of bullying since the original show. Just like back then, Roseanne in the reboot gets her laughs by belittling and insulting everyone around her, in her eyes its alright to insult and belittle others, as long as you get a laugh out of it.

I didn’t laugh -not once!

So I can say, I gave it a try. I feel sorry for John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, and Sara Gilbert, who are all wonderful actors.

Personally, I wish there would be a show out there that would focus on uniting people, not dividing them.

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12 thoughts on “Roseanne Reboot

  1. I assume many will identify with Roseanne and her behavior. I suppose that’s how we ended up with Trump to begin with.

    I have never watched “The Middle” and I doubt I ever will.

    I never understood why you follow my blog


    • I follow you because most of the time I agree with your opinions. I also admire your work and the way you have gone about setting up your social connections. I hope you can accept a dissension or two re your opinions. Even if you can’t, I will continue to follow your blog for the reasons I have given. OK?


  2. Those are all the reasons I never watched the original show. I’m even less inclined to watch the reboot … even though I love John Goodman.
    I’ve become a fan of Life In Pieces. I think both the writing and acting is sharp and it makes me laugh out loud. What more could I ask for in a show?

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    • I love John Goodman and like the other actors. 30 years ago it was one of the shows I used for English lessons. It was fast, contained slang and not so proper English. 🙂
      I never noticed that I didn’t like Roseanne until now.

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  3. I’m not a tv watcher, but always disliked unkind ‘jokes’ which are really bullying and emotional abuse. I was never a fan of Jackie Gleason or Lucy at her worst, and got a lot of criticism for it–but to me, listening to abuse is optional, and I opt out.


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