Hiking with the Ladies!

Lake Vesuvius Spring Hike 8 Miles13

Our 50+ Ladies Meetup group has stepped it up. We are not just a wine-and-dine group anymore. By the end of last year, we started some outdoorsy activities, and I was surprised by the number of ladies who showed up.


We visited the Mohican State Park, an excellent place for hiking and mountain biking. Our 8.57-mile hike covered most of the best hiking trails in the park, with a mix of moderate and pretty good hills. We got our hearts pumping in the deep woods, enjoyed the groves of trees and wildflowers.  Our hiking trip wasn’t super demanding and we all had fun.

This year, we visited Wayne National Forest, just about 10 miles north of the Kentucky state line. Another 8-mile hike through dirt and grass.

This year, just like the year before, we will visit all the local events and festivities. We will eat and drink a lot but will meet for bike rides and paddle boating as well, and I see more hiking in the forecast.


17 thoughts on “Hiking with the Ladies!

    • We took breaks in between, ate, talked and laughed and there was so much to see. I wish I would have your eye for flora and fauna but I only see the obvious.

      It was fun, I slept good that night and ate for three the next day. 🙂

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