Special Bonds


Leia and patches first night.jpg

Animals never fail to surprise me. I work in animal rescue for many years, and always when I think I have seen it all, along comes a story that touches my heart and makes me smile for days.

The bond animals can have, the love some of them share is worth writing about. We have three rescue dogs ourselves, and two of them have a special bond that cannot be explained. From the moment we came home with a little, sick puppy, one of our senior dogs decided that this little dog needed extra attention. The puppy got a name that night and was upgraded from foster dog to family member in lightening speed.

Special bonds cannot be forced and that’s a good thing. Just like in our human life, the animal kingdom works its own magic, and many of us are fortunate enough to witness it every day.

This little video shows a friendship between a rescued calf and a very special dog.



10 thoughts on “Special Bonds

  1. Oh my goodness! I’m in love with both the puppy and the calf. LOL! What great people to have responded to the need in such a meaningful way. I loved this. And we have just one rescue dog, but I tell you, her love and loyalty has taken over our lives. I’m so glad you shared the story of your own dogs. Other than bringing our Miss Zena into our home, I haven’t been directly involved in animal rescue, but I so admire the work. I have two good friends who devote their lives to this effort and I know how much work is involved. Loved this post!!

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