The Relief of a Ex-Smoker

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Update – After numerous tests and an assortment of x-rays, we have a verdict, so it seems. My husband has a broken rib. While it can occur with heavy coughing, it more likely happened at his workplace, when he stopped a free rolling, heavy cart with his chest, that somebody had left unattended.  

The doctor also suggested he should lose the extra 30 pounds of “quitting weight,” that I made him gain with my cooking -his words, not mine. I roared with laughter when I picture myself force-feeding him with chocolates. How wicked of me to MAKE him eat seconds.

A stress test is scheduled for tomorrow, just to be on the save side, but everything besides the rib and the extra weight seems to be normal.

I sat on pins and needles for a few days, envisioned the worst and feel overwhelming joy and relief.

I know, aging sooner or later will throw us more curveballs, but for the moment, life as we know it will continue and we will live happily ever after and beyond.

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29 thoughts on “The Relief of a Ex-Smoker

  1. I’m relieved right along with you! I think most of us at one time or another have had that long wait for a doctor’s appointment or the results from some medical testing and then the powerful relief from days of holding your breath! A broken rib is no small thing, either. Hope healing is quick and the new diet not too painful. 🙂

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  2. Sorry to hear your hubby has been suffering..
    And laughing at his weight gain through your excellent cooking..
    My hubby must be suffering the same fate.. 🙂
    Good to catch you today Bridget..
    Sending Healing vibes..
    Sue ❤

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  3. I’m SO glad for your good news. Sorry to hear you’re the embodiment of evil in force-feeding that poor poor man with chocolates, but I guess everyone’s relationships are different! In my relationship, I feed them to myself for hours at night while I read old paperbacks..

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  5. Somewhere along the line I’ve obviously missed a few posts. I’m relieved for you that the crisis you’ve been dealing with was relatively a minor one.

    Somehow I’m sure you’re likely to blame for the 30 lbs I too gained …. 😉

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