Lot’s of buzzing!


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I have neglected my blog and my blogging friends. I didn’t write much and read even less. I have been busy; tried to juggle too many things all at once, bit off more than I could chew. Whenever life demands my full attention, the virtual world has to be put on hold.  

I have been on a serious health quest the last six month, with the help of doctors from a far-away land. A magic journey, that I will explain thoroughly later on my blog. How much power we possess, when we are willing to listen, learn and change. The change of habits that can hurt so much, but can also be so rewarding. I don’t want to be an older woman complaining and whining about her health. I am not willing to give up (or in) just yet. There is so much power in me, just waiting to be released. I am not made to be a Daisy Downer. I am made to explore, questions and achieve – that’s what I always told myself and now I finally start to believe it.

Even here under the rock in Ohio, spring pushed away winter and the cold air, and with it came lots of rain, and an unbearable humidity. Our backyard turned into a Dandelion paradise. Who would have thought they can grow 4 inches overnight, but they do -I can prove it. They multiply in our backyard quicker than rabbits, so does every other weed known to man. Too much work all at once.

Much has been going on in our neighboorhood. We got new neighbors, who most of us don’t like -for different reasons. I need to write about it, it explains our country and perhaps today’s world perfectly.

I have been busy working. A money-maker review, left by a grateful and kindhearted customer, swamped me with work and I love it. I feel humbled -the success came right after a temporary defeat. Funny how it works sometimes.

The planning of my husband’s 60th birthday party, an event he does not want to celebrate. My knight-and-shinning armor has temporarily turned into a grumpy gentleman, who seems to have a hard time with aging. Right now my humor seems to be lost on him and so he plays the old, whining man for a few more days until I will verbally slap him back to our sweet reality. It’s the first time one of us crumbled before a round birthday. Gratefully it’s him, and I hope it will cure me of a similar reaction when my time to celebrate the big “6” will come.

And then, there are my classes and my interesting students, who pay me to teach them my craft. The truth is I should be the one paying them. I am having a good time and enjoy the time with them. While I try to teach them, I can’t help but feel I am the one who is learning the most.

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Enough buzzing. Back to blogging -at least a bit now and then. There is just so much to tell.

I missed writing more than I like to admit. So many stories still waiting to be told, so much laughter and tears just waiting to be shared on screen.




19 thoughts on “Lot’s of buzzing!

  1. It’s always good to see you when you have the time. Life has such a habit of getting in the way but I understand perfectly how you miss blogging too. I empathise entirely right now. So here’s the deal. I’ll get back on my pony if you get on yours. But we won’t thrash them, we will ride when we want to and we will get value and pleasure out of it. And we will feel refreshed and refurbished for all that life stuff that we can’t avoid. OK?

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  2. It’s funny how I was thinking about you and how it had been a while since I heard from you … and there you are in my mailbox this morning 🙂
    Nice to hear from you and even better that all is well in your world – even if very busy. Looking forward to all the stories you have to tell!

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      • It’s called aging, and none of us has ever been this old before. At least we have learned by now, though (and probably “the hard way” too) to listen to others, especially when everything we have tried already didn’t work, right? My retired husband, who builds and sells natural wood items had a good sales month in May which will keep him busy and productively and happily occupied for a while longer, while he makes replacements. I’m looking forward to reading about what you’ve learned about “healthy aging” and your new neighbors in Ohio. I expect they would have received a similar greeting in most places in TN, unfortunately. Not in the town where I live, maybe, but certainly in the county that surrounds it.

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  3. It’s just good to hear from you, Bridget, and it’s easily understood that sometimes we have to make the hard cuts and prioritize! i am very interested in what you’ll share regarding your health journey. I think we share a similar response to potential setbacks or challenges, and I, too, really believe in doing the “homework” necessary to at least make the best possible choices going forward. I will patiently wait. Be well! 🙂

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