Come on in!

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While we established who is not welcome in my workroom, and who I would not work for, how about I tell you who is welcome. I have some funny rules and regulations in place. Some have been planted in me by my Grandmother, others I only follow because of the fear of my Grandmother, who, if her wishes and beliefs came true, is enjoying eternity aka The afterlife sitting on a cloud watching me. Who also might have the capability to jump of her could anytime she wants to, to slap me silly. One can never know.

  • You are welcome in my workroom if you are hungry, I will feed you. Not because of religion or because a big book tells me so, but that’s what everybody did in our little village.
  • I will welcome you if you need help because I am superwoman until I learn otherwise -what seems to happen fairly quickly these days.
  • I will welcome you if you need money. I will find something for you to do without asking any stupid question. If you earn your money, it’s yours and you don’t have to explain to me what it will be used for. If you think I give you money out of the goodness of my heart, I will disappoint you, if you are not disabled, starving or in desperate need. I work for my money and so should you.
  • If you need somebody to talk to, I will listen -even to gossip- because that’s at least news I can stomach.
  • If you need shelter I will take you in temporarily and will help you to find a better working solution for you.
  • If you need a great cup of decaf, hot chocolate or a European ice-coffee. Come on in. I welcome breaks.

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And now the hard part, come on in if you are scared.

Here is some history. Source

I wear a safety pin on my clothes, have a sticker on my car and I mean it.

Dutch resistance collapsed under the weight of the German war machine but her people never gave up their loyalty to Queen Wilhelmina….

That is where the “Safety Pin” comes in…

Open rebellion was a sure way to find yourself hauled up on a gallows or simply shot outright. But the Dutch people found a much more subtle way to express their solitary…. with the common ordinary “Safety Pin”…

Worn so it lay hidden under a collar or the hem of a skirt, then only brought out, quickly flashed as a means to identify each other. Quickly the “Safety Pin” was adopted by the Dutch underground as their unofficial insignia. But it wasn’t just limited to the fighting resistance… Children, grandmothers, nursing mothers, everyone who struggled for their freedom wore the “Safety Pin” not just as an act of defiance but a symbol of hope and freedom.

So there you have the story of the common Safety Pin… A story that has faded into obscurity…. relatively few of us know this story… now you do as well… Still there are lessons from history that should not be forgotten and this is one of those….

The Huffington Post -in its infinite stupidity wisdom said, white people wear the safety pin to make themselves feel good. They don’t know very many white people I guess or perhaps the other WHITE we don’t’ talk about.

The safety pin is actually not an easy thing. To me, it means I have to be willing to stand up for any minority group who might be threatened and take the heat. I don’t take this lightly.

I will stand up for minorities and protect them. I am after all superwoman or pretend to be because the truth is, deep down I am as scared as you are.

The safety pin means you are safe with me.

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Now I  just need to find somebody who can put some bling on my pin, it would look so much better with some rhinestones or perhaps some glitter. For the first time in my short, long life I feel that I have to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

If you need a sticker, let me know, I will gladly send you some.

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