More Than a Cry in The Dark

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Last night I sat in the dark; tears were rolling down my cheeks. I don’t cry often. If I do, then it’s because of a book or a movie. When a story touches my heart, that’s when I cry. I can’t help it, it’s a defense mechanism I suppose. 

I have cried out of anger and of course grief, but last night was different. Last night was a hopeless cry, tears came out of an emptiness I feel lately. Part of me doesn’t even want to feel anymore, yet I do.

If there is a wall needed, it is the one around my heart. Special passage through, only for the ones I love, the rest won’t be able to reach me anymore.

I am not sure why I cried. I was all by myself, my husband had gone to sleep already, the dogs were snoring and dreaming beside me. I had just turned the TV off, tried to cope with what I had just heard, and knew I couldn’t.

I think I cried for humanity, empathy, and civility. Perhaps I wept because I wished for mercy or something similar, that would make it all stop.

I had just watched the news,  had seen pictures of the detention shelter for the children who have been separated from their parents. Children of migrant parents, people who were unlucky in the birth lottery, trying to find a better life for themselves and their children. On the way to America -like so many before them.

I want to tell them “Stay away from us! They hate you here,” but I know they won’t listen. How could they?

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I had known that we separate the children from the parents, had tried to avoid to read or hear about it. There is only so much I can take. Avoidance is the only answer I have these days. I try to protect myself. This ongoing sadness deep inside me is killing my spirit.

The news took me by surprise. It came up when I quit streaming, at the moment I switched back to local TV. Before I knew it, I listened and I watched. A detention center for the boys was shown and it rattled me down to my core.

I felt shame and disbelieve. This is not about politics, this is so much more. This is about humanity. I don’t care if the RIGHT or the LEFT won or lost. This is not about political affiliation. I don’t care about who is President and all the other changes. While I don’t like most of them, I can live with it -will temporarily adjust just like everybody else.

But hearing how cruel and brutal we are, how we make people suffer, who already suffer, that is just too much.

The children must be terrified without their parents. Who does that?

Tears might be the only statement I have left right now.

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23 thoughts on “More Than a Cry in The Dark

  1. I have the same sadness and feeling of dread when I see those photos. I’m trying to understand what it all means, but I don’t think I can understand it. I realize that when people are thrown in jail they don’t get to take their kids, but I don’t think that’s apples to apples to this situation.

    Why can’t the kids stay with their parents while they’re all somewhere safe prior to being sent back home if that’s what is going to happen?

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  2. Sadly, our government has been going along the same lines with the Windrush people. And yesterday came the news that the supposedly nice, progressive French President was supporting the Italians’ ban on emigrants arriving there. Just two more examples, but there are many others. There is something serious wrong with the world’s moral compass at present.

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  3. I have the same sadness as I see the pictures, more than ever we need a change in government. I am ashamed my country is acting like the Nazi who got the children young and will be mine forever. Who wants a large number of boys. Today need is not any better unfortunately are some will believe the bully in charge.

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  4. Bridget, there are so many crying with you, so many shocked at man’s inhumanity to man, not just in a single country, or one or two countries, but worldwide. I really do not know what we are becoming, and I certainly do not like it. What has happened to morality, to fairness, to equality of opportunity?

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  5. I share your feelings, Bridget. This is a heart breaking situation. I watched the news conference yesterday with Sarah Huckabee Sanders and I was appalled at her positioning (we’re just upholding the law. Don’t blame us, blame the Democrats). Seriously?! I literally feel sick at this complete lack of human decency. I have run out of words to describe how morally bankrupt this administration is.

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