Times have Changed

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As so often, an unwanted ad popped up, right beside my news article. IF  YOU WERE BORN BEFORE 1967 it read and I couldn’t help but look into it. I was thrown into this world in 1963 and with astonishment, I looked at the ladies face which crowned the advertisement. 

An older woman, in a black-and-white photography, wearing the kind of smock apron, my Grandmother wore so often, when she worked in the kitchen. The woman’s gray, permed hair was combed back, her face was wrinkled and make up free. She would have looked black-and-white in a colored picture too -had the “Grandma-look” I so despise.

I would like to talk with the genius who thought this advertisement would reach women my age. “Hey Mister Nincompoop, stop popping those pills. Wake up and look around.”

The Grandma type they showed in the picture has disappeared for most of us. Today women don’t follow the rules anymore. We hit the bottle -the hair color bottle and others- when we feel like it. We wear jeans and sneakers, have modern haircuts and enjoy our everyday activities in a classy or hip wardrobe -whatever our mood dictates.

Crazy Novelty Delicate F*cking Flower Socks for Women

My favorite from the sockdrawer.com

We wear colorful glasses and make statements with shirts, hats or socks -if either is to our liking. We don’t fit into a mold anymore -we have broken it so many years ago and there is no going back -no matter what.

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Trying to throw us back into the stone-age, won’t work, it will backfire big time -as it should.

Yes, I know there are women who just can’t think for themselves and they will vote against their best interest each and every time. Some will ask their husband and will vote as told, but the majority of us won’t. We hold our head up high and we will speak up and protect EVERY WOMEN’S right.

While I welcome the senior discounts I so often get, and while my bones might ache and moan at times, I still feel immortal for a short time longer.

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Wonderwoman older Painting – Artist unknown







15 thoughts on “Times have Changed

  1. I totally agree with you! I recently had a bus driver ask me – dressed in a knee-length dress with a white denim jacket – for the full fare.
    Has the senior fare gone up, I asked him.
    He looked me in the face. Whatever, he said.

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  2. Your observations make me smile! No kidding! I can’t relate to those photos at all, and I’m ten years older than you. In fact, my 86 year old mother doesn’t begin to look like my own grandmother did at 65! I’m not sure the point of the article, but they did miss their mark in attracting anyone under the age of 100. LOL!

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