Smart Ass Tuesday – As Serious as I can be

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To understand the world, you have to UNDERSTAND the world. 

After yesterdays meeting between Putin and Trump, I couldn’t help but wonder what the world is thinking. We here in the U.S. don’t hear much about the rest of the world. Most of our news outlets have shifted their focus to American politics only, interrupted only by mass shootings and global catastrophes. 

I wonder about the guy in Kentucky, the one I made up in my mind. The poor guy who is still hoping that all good fortune will soon come his way when his old factory will reopen.  He sits there -day in, day out- pops a beer can or perhaps a soda can, and watches the local cable news. Between the game shows and talk shows, he gets his information from Fakebook and other similar reliable social media sites. That’s a very unfair assumption, isn’t it? Perhaps he would like to know more, but our news keeps him uninformed? Maybe he would like to get to know the world, is more would be translated?

Tuesday is “Smart Ass Tuesday” on my blog and for one time only -without sarcasm or irony, let me be a different kind of SMART ASS.

Hear the world!

A Newspaper in Russia 

“Nezavisimaya Gazeta”: “The US is trying to pull Russia on its side, especially in international confrontations with other powers, such as Iran and China and that can be read between the lines of negotiations between Trump and Putin in Helsinki. Already during the greeting, both of them immediately knocked off all the important points of the historic summit. Everything went as expected, but at the same time, the head of the White House has written the topic of China on the flag and now you can imagine that he wishes, Putin to be involved in this trade war. ”

A Newspaper in Germany

“Handelsblatt”: “That Trump is in the process of splitting the EU – which he most recently called America’s enemy – and NATO is playing into Putin’s hands.” Putin needs a weakened  EU to secure Russia’s position in Europe. It is time for some in the West to wake up, especially in Europe, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian East of the EU, otherwise, history repeats itself as a farce, it is urgently necessary to thwart this – compared to Putin and Trump. “

A newspaper in Switzerland

“Neue Zürcher Zeitung”: “Trump’s puzzling appeal to Putin remains a mystery. The only certainty is that the Kremlin cannot ask for a better actor in the White House than him – a man who has in no time managed to disrupt the Western alliance and to make the once-important relations with Berlin, London and Paris toxic, but also undermines the American institutions and at the same time naively overlooks how Russia outmaneuvers the US on the Middle Eastern chessboard. (…) Just like his bombastic summit meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore, Trump returns from Helsinki with a vague promise of progress in the future. “

A newspaper in the Netherlands:

“De Telegraaf”: “Vladimir Putin (…) has been brought back to the top by the most powerful man in the world (…) He is where he wanted to be, on par with Trump. Donald Trump, as at the Kim Jong Un summit, once again made it clear that he has a fondness for so-called strong leaders, an expression too deficient to do justice to the corrupt regime of Putin, and ridiculous in Putin’s case. Trump almost seems to be following Moscow’s course, and Putin is rubbing his hands, as the EU is weakened by a trade war and NATO’s unity is threatened by the unpredictable American course. “

Newspapers in Spain:

“El Mundo”: “Europe looks with concern to the fruits of the first meeting of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, and the grip that both leaders hold on the continent is increasingly worrying. (…) There has never been much of Russia at least not since Putin came to power, but now the same holds true for the United States, led by a trumpet who fought a trade war against the EU and criticizes it every time he steps on European soil. Diplomacy fades with this two leaders. “

“La Vanguardia: “Putin had come to Helsinki strengthened by the organizational success of the World Cup, and Trump came after criticizing right and left against his NATO allies and criticizing the British prime minister.” Putin leaves the Finnish capital after he has achieved a twin goal: International legitimacy and the recognition of Russia as a world power Trump leaves behind the feeling that he has made many concessions to his ‘competitor’ as he defined Putin.”

A Newspaper in the Czech Republic:

“Hospodarske Noviny”: “Direct dialogue is better than silence or the transmission of news through the media, but given its importance, the outcome of the summit seems a bit meager at the end.” Trump and Putin have basically agreed that they should work together and reach agreements – for example, on nuclear disarmament, on further development in Syria and Ukraine, and on the fight against international terrorism – but they have not presented a concrete initiative, and even more generally formulated topics of possible cooperation are provided with fundamental question marks. “

A Newspaper in Great Britain:

“Times”: “Trump’s silence on Ukraine was shameful, but perhaps the most worrying of all was the refusal of the US president to defend his own country when asked if he believed in Russian interference in the US election. It is difficult to imagine that even one of his predecessors would have represented such a pro-Russian line. (…) All in all, the summit left a stale aftertaste that serves Russia’s goal of irritating the West while he was an obvious ally in Europe, he was dogmatic about Putin, and it is clear that the covenants on which the world order is based are in danger. “

A Newspaper in Denmark:

“Politiken”: “It should be good that the US and Russian presidents meet and talk with each other, but seeing Donald Trump represent the United States is painful. […] The press conference in Helsinki was grotesque. Trump was more interested in keeping a distance from the judiciary in his own country than in Putin’s attempt to assert Russia’s innocence […] In a sitcom that would be overblown, but that the US president was so incoherent, cumbersome and poorly considered, is embarrassing and frightening. […] For Europe, Trump has become a nightmare that needs to be overcome, and for the US, Trump is a regular problem that damages American credibility, reputation and status. ”

A Newspaper in France

“La Croix”, France: “Russia had been weakened the meeting with Trump, but now Vladimir Putin, who found his negotiations ‘very successful and important’, emerges strengthened. Donald Trump has deceived his government and the US Congress, who insist on a hard line against Moscow. He confused his allies in the EU and NATO with constant criticism. This spectacle diplomacy is just like the trade war very troubling and disturbing.

I can’t find the right words to close this blog post, so I don’t even try.

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14 thoughts on “Smart Ass Tuesday – As Serious as I can be

  1. To those of us outside the US (I’m British) it has often seemed an insular, self-obsessed country, displaying a great deal of ignorance of, and indifference towards, the rest of the world. I know that stereotype is untrue of many Americans, but it seems that it fits enough to have created a President who personifies it exactly. Your country is being taken down a dangerous path by a lunatic – those newspaper quotations give a very accurate picture of what the rest of the world is seeing at present.

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    • I suppose the ugly American you get to see in the news and movies, is indeed existing -as is every other stereotype. The world has 65 Million problems and no solution. Refugees and migrants are standing on everybody’s doorsteps and nationalists are getting up around the globe. Trump represents the ugly racist American, just like Brexit is the result of the same. Even rather harmless countries like Italy, Canada, Austria and Greece have nationalist on the rise.

      I am afraid we have only seen the tip of the iceberg. I am afraid this is the new trend, a trend that we -the older ones- should have prevented.

      Trump had to happen. Now we have to deal with it. Now we have to talk and perhaps the world will learn from our mistakes -but I doubt it.

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      • You are so right, especially about Brexit – which makes me ashamed to be British. The rise of xenophobia and racism in other countries is very worrying too. I hope the world does learn from these mistakes before it is too late.

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  2. Those are amazing articles. Thank you for sharing them! After yesterday, I am prepared to hear just about anything and hope beyond reason that at the end of this nightmare we can heal. Hearing Congressional leaders “justify” their weak criticisms just about sinks my hope. But we’ll see where this ends. May it be soon! I don’t have much to say that you haven’t already said, my friend. Well done!


  3. History is evolving every single second that we live. What is present is immediately past. History will always be in the hands of those who tell the story. The same is true for the present. My father used to say ‘just give me the facts and I will draw my own conclusions’ …. I fear that the world over we are not given facts but commentary and that we forget that for those that are really desperate peddling commentary that is designed to ignite and excite is quite cruel. Because the fact is that the overlooked masses remain overlooked. Your imaginary fellow in Kentucky exists and he is vulnerable to anything that might seem like hope ….. I used to say it is a mad world but increasingly I just think it is a sad and selfish world.

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      • I don’t mind at all. My name is Fiona. I was born Fiona Osyth Kennedy. For blogging I use Osyth, as it was my nom de plume for my début book which, rather ironically, was about time spent in Russia. I’m pleased to meet you Bridget. Very pleased indeed and it is always my pleasure to comment on posts by smart people. Therefore it is always a pleasure to comment on your posts.

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