Run Ladies, run!

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A tigress has been awakened and SHE is a force to be reckoned with. I am not sure if the news all over the world will find the time to mention it, but an unprecedented number of women have gotten up and they are ready to get involved.Β 

While the world seems to focus on Trump only, there is a lot more going on and I wish it would be mentioned more often. WE are not just sitting still, WE are running toward a different future. If all my wishes will come true, women soon will correct the mistakes men have made.

One and half years after the last presidential election result and for the first time I feel hope -I feel pride and I am excited.

“We need experienced people in the house and senate,” many say in fear of all the changes and I am tired of hearing it. No worries, a lot of the old dinosaurs will still be around, but there will be fresh blood and it will make the heart of this nation pump faster and stronger.

I see diversity and with a smile on my face, I nod in agreement. This is who we are, this is needed.

I hear a roar and its loud!

Change is coming and it makes me so proud to be a woman.

Image result for women running for office



18 thoughts on “Run Ladies, run!

  1. This is amazing and heartening for women. Thanks for sharing it. I do have one comment though that may come across as descenting. I have not heard of this woman until you presented her, and I think it’s encouraging that she has won…being a woman and a Muslim. I have no problem with that. What I did have a problem with is her statement at the end about “Having someone to represent “us” who LOOKS LIKE US AND TALKS LIKE US etc ” (paraphrased) . I have no issue with Muslims or African Americans or anyone. However, “they” don’t look like ME or talk like “me”. Putting that kind of statement in her interview is troubling. There should be NO “us” and “them”. No thoughts about color or religion IMHO. She sounds like a sensible strong woman, but her having the ‘them” and “us” mentality doesn’t enhance her position. All the politicians seem to have that sort of thinking and to me? It’s time those kinds of folks are kicked out and someone who doesn’t have an “us” and “them” mentality step up. And it’s entirely possible I mis-interpreted or took the words out of context. Thanks again for sharing this good news. It’s time we had some!

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    • I am glad she pointed it out, because it makes us realize how many minority groups haven’t been represented at all. If she doesn’t represent YOU and ME, how can WE represent her?

      Women of minority groups or minorities all together are not equally represented in house or senate, they have to point it out. We need to hear it.

      We expect THEM to think of all of US in the same therms, but don’t return the favor because if that would be the case, then she wouldn’t be the first Muslim woman in congress.

      I am glad you liked the post!


  2. I loved reading this, Bridget, and thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of good news. I loved Rashida’s comment about Trump being elected was like a bat-signal to women to get out and make a change πŸ’•

    While I don’t consider this to be a panacea for all that is wrong in politics, better women representation in government – and women from multi-cultural backgrounds – offers hope.

    In contrast, our new Premier (a Trump-like wannabe) just cut funding to a basic income program for the poorest people in our society and then in the next breath has offered lucrative incentives to the breweries to offer $1 beer. I can only shake my head.

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    • So many women are running for office this year and they are a very diverse group -what I love to see.
      They are giving some of the men a run for their money, they shacking things up quite a bit and I believe that’s whats needed right now.
      Will they “cure” us from evil? Probably not, but they will shake them to the core and perhaps can guide the ship back into the right direction.
      The cuts made here into basic providing programs angers me as well. The poor are the ones who lose the most, yet they are the ones who voted the idiots in. It’s mind- boggling.


  3. I loved reading your enthusiasm! I am also thrilled to see women taking the lead, and women of color absolutely taking a prominent position in creating a shift that I hope continues to “shake things up.” I am appalled at the current administration, but the shift that excites me the most I believe will have a significant re-energizing effort for the entire country. It will play out as partisan, but I hope the women ushering in change will wake us ALL up. I’m cautiously hopeful! πŸ™‚


  4. Green shoots … they are springing up and soon there will be a lawn and then a huge park. I have ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen ringing in my ears … so have a good time, good time ladies and let’s get some sense into the politics of this place πŸ™‚

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  5. I cringe almost daily when I see the news. My hope is the midterm elections. I am extremely pleased of the number of women running. A Muslim woman running house election. We have native American running for governor Ia hope She wins. Her opponent is the current lt govenort I am tired of the republican government spending funds to calls laws that have been declared unconstitutional and losing. Let’s get elected. Woman can not any words than the men.

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