Fried Chicken – The Taste of Freedom

Last night I made a short trip to Lybia. I sat in my chair and followed Anthony Bourdain and his crew around, and learned a lot about this beautiful country and its brave people. Not all was pretty. Times have been violent, people and buildings have been scared -many lives have been lost in the fight against a tyrant.

A young man in Tripoli showed Bourdain his favorite fast food place. “Uncle Kentucki” and it looks very similar to the fried chicken chain we all know so well.

The clip was cut too short. Right afterward, there is a scene when the young man holds a piece of golden fried chicken in his hand and he smiles, “The taste of freedom,” he says and I sat there in awe.

A piece of chicken means freedom. The freedom to have access to the rest of the world.

Something that we all take for granted, means the world to others. I often wonder why we are in such a mess and I truly believe it happens always when people live to well. Even our poor people are rich, compared to so many others.

The freedom to be allowed to talk and write freely without fear. The freedom to go wherever I want to go, the freedom to welcome people into my home from all over the world -if I would choose to do so.

Just a fried piece of chicken, can it symbolize everything I take for granted?



6 thoughts on “Fried Chicken – The Taste of Freedom

  1. It’s been interesting but I haven’t had what it takes to watch Bourdain again. I know I will, but it is something I’ve deliberately avoided. But then you remind me of the richness of his travels and how much I’ve learned of the world through his culinary travels. I think you offer an really important observation in sharing about what chicken, in this instance, represents in freedom. I think you’re correct. We really don’t know hardship. We think we do at times, but in comparison to most of the world, most of the American public is wealthy in all the ways that matter. This Libyan gentleman said something quite profound, and you were sensitive enough to really hear it. Thank you for sharing.

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    • I had a hard time watching Anthony Bourdain at first as well but then his joy and mine overpowered the sadness and we traveled the same way we did before. 🙂
      The “Freedom chicken” teaches us an important lesson. As always, only the ones who are willing to listen get it. 🙂


  2. “Travel: the antidote to ignorance” – Trevor Noah
    That’s why I love watching Bourdain’s shows so much. Each episodes gives us a peek into different cultures, lifestyles, and ways of thinking, simply through food.

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