Transgender Rights -Chess and Politics

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Headline today. “Trump and his administration are after the transgender rights.” The gender will be declared at birth and cannot be changed. A nightmare for every transgender person. Back into the closet, they will go. Stripped of their rights, they will march on but will have no protection.

I read it, leaned back in my chair and for the first time I felt something like respect for the GOP and Trump. Well timed! Clever played!

I remember when I learned how to play chess. Even though I could maneuver, I lost each and every time. I only focused on my army and aimed for a short battle, hoped for a quick victory.

I learned, got better but still, my King never survived, he was chased and laughed at and in the end, he fell down in defeat.

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Then I got defensive. I didn’t attack at all anymore, believed  I could win the game if I just protected all my players enough. Of course, that didn’t work either. Again, and again, my king and my army were destroyed.

Finally, I had enough. I became a member of a chess club and lost for about a year every game I plaid -then slowly I got better. I studied my opponent’s army, and the human competitors sitting behind the board as well.

I started to win now and then, even against the better players. I knew their openings by heart, knew how many of them reacted, had seen and studied their chess game quite a bit. I learned to set traps myself. I accepted sacrifices, in the name of the greater good -the win of my little king.

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Going after the transgender rights is a mighty fine trap, not even three weeks before the midterm election. Game on Democrats, will you step into it?

That’s what you are supposed to do -take the bait and run with it. Make headlines and speak loudly out against it. Brilliant idea indeed!

The religious voters, the once who are still undecided that’s the group they are after. They will quickly run back to the GOP and Trump if they will feel it might uphold their human-made Christian values. We can fix everything later and there will be a lot of fixing to do.

I bet the Democrats will take the bait.  Proof me wrong, please!

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Post scriptum

If you read it down to here and you are an undecided voter. Ask yourself when they will come after your rights.


11 thoughts on “Transgender Rights -Chess and Politics

  1. I am rendered speechless. I hadn’t heard this latest and the level of cruelty just finishes me off. There’s little evidence suggesting any hope is warranted, but I’ll hold on until I can’t do it any longer.

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