Smart Ass – Sarcasm

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Last night I made an audience laugh with just a few words. I couldn’t help it, the speaker had asked for it -I just obeyed.

Sarcasm. How it is feared and how it is loved. It can be a dangerous weapon and in the wrong hands it can bring destruction but used with care, it can bring laughter.

I admire witty sarcasm and never express anger when using it. Pointing out the obvious might not always be comfortable to all, but to express anger when using sarcasm. How is it anger when your aim is to make someone laugh or chuckle?

Yes, angry sarcasm is abusive and sucks. Plus, it doesn’t really help. There should be an “Angry Sarcasm Non-Proliferation Treaty” or something like it. However, friendly sarcasm (which can only be used among trusting, friendly company) is quite amusing. But it is crucial that you pick your stage properly!

I have used it myself for as long as I can remember. By the same token, I have had it used on me quite a few times with excellent results!

I am my favorite target -always have been, always will be. I can take it, I am used to it, have lived with it all my life.




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