What happened to us?

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One more commercial of a politician of either side, pointing finger at their opponent, listing what the other side did wrong, instead of telling me what they actually stand for themselves- and I will scream like a little girl. 

When did it all become a blame game, a yelling contest, a farce, a circus act?

Fact checking is almost impossible these days. Too much is going on, and there is not much time left for research before the next headline will stand in line to get my attention.

This all is just a mirror of who we have become us a society, I fear.

We don’t listen to understand each other. We listen to argue with anybody at any given time. I watch our politicians scream and yell at each other. I hear insults and see aggression and with sadness, I realize we are not better than them.

Our news has become headline oriented. Quantity over quality is now the motto and with that, they knock us down with 24/7 coverage. Too much, too fast! An overload of information is squeezed in our little brains and there is no escape.

Smartphones, Tablets, notebooks -we are connected to the rest of the world at all times. There is no escape, until you pull the plug for a day or two, trying to find an inner peace that’s long lost.

Our politician mirrors us and in the end, they give us what we require. Sensationalism, every step of the way. Hearings, Interviews, campaigns -the tone has changed quite a bit.

We are not really divided by politics, we just choose to be. It seems to be so much more fun, to beat each other up. The humor we once had, is long gone.


Politics has become another reality TV show like we didn’t have enough of them, to begin with. Entertainment at all times!

It’s a sad state of affairs if you ask me, but nobody ever does!





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