The Daily Chuckle


I fearfully opened the news today. I didn’t want to, but how can I not read up on it? How can I stay informed, without walking through the slumps of headlines? 

Today was bad. More suspicious packages had been found. Sent by the right to hurt the left. It’s like a war has started already, but hasn’t been officially declared -yet.

My heart sunk when I continued reading. The daily routine that I once loved, is now a chore that I dread.

And then I found it, right there on the front page, there it was. I chuckled, almost got my coffee in the wrong pipe.

“Donald Trump blames media for anger.”

That’s a good one!

bagpipes kid laughing

5 thoughts on “The Daily Chuckle

  1. That dude is either an idiot, delusional, or both. I saw an ad the other day that called a democratic candidate “pro-resistance”. Resistance?!? What, has a civil war begun? We are now rebels? These people have to be stopped.

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