About a shriveled orange Soul

There’s a shriveled orange soul
in a narrow-minded hole
that won’t think of getting out
just to see what life’s about,
so it simply says “My goal
is to live inside this hole,
thus forever tightly curled
in my shriveled orange world.”

Author unknown


I couldn’t help but wonder what -or perhaps who- the writer had in mind while writing this. I saw it in the commentary section of the Washington Post and just had to borrow it for my blog.

Image result for stephen colbert with tangerine


3 thoughts on “About a shriveled orange Soul

  1. Every morning when he wakes up at 11am in the people’s house (after tweeting furiously until 3am). He sits under a sun lamp with eye protectors, which is why his face is orange and his eyes are ringed with white (making him resemble a freakish orange lemur). After his sunlamp treatment, he applies orange hair dye and lets it set, while eating a breakfast Big Mac and fries. He showers, dresses, tapes down his red tie over his big belly, and lastly, he spends 20 minutes hair spraying his hair into the hair-do he learned by carefully copying his sister when they were both teenagers. Neither of them have changed their hair-dos in 55 years!
    Now he is ready to go forth and destroy the world, looking absolutely terrible as he does so.

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