This is when it matters

Pulitzer Prize Winners Journalism 2018

Pulitzer Prize for breaking news reporting
The staff of The Press Democrat

Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting
The staff of The Washington Post

Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting
Jointly awarded to the staffs of The Arizona Republic and USA Today network

Pulitzer Prize for local reporting
The staff of The Cincinnati Enquirer

Pulitzer Prize for national reporting
Jointly awarded to the staffs of The New York Times and The Washington Post

Pulitzer Prize for international reporting
Clare Baldwin, Andrew R.C. Marshall, and Manuel Mogato of Reuters

Pulitzer Prize for feature writing
Rachel Kaadzi Ghansah, freelancing for GQ

Pulitzer Prize for commentary
John Archibald, of the Alabama Media Group

Pulitzer Prize for criticism
Jerry Saltz of New York magazine

Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing
Andie Dominick of The Des Moines Register

Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning
Jake Helpern and Michael Sloan, freelancing for The New York Times

Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography
Ryan Kelly of The Daily Progress

Pulitzer Prize for feature photography
Photography staff of Reuters

It was a record-breaking year at the Emmy’s for CNN with 27 nominations and many other news channels. Good journalism needs to be rewarded -now more than ever. MSNBC, CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, and many other news stations, have been given numerous prestigious awards throughout the years.

Good journalism. Where to find it and where not?

Interestingly enough, FOX News has never gotten an award -neither have they been nominated and I couldn’t help but wonder about it. Surely, they can’t be that bad?

I dug deeper -wanted to know more and what I found floored me a bit.

There is a big difference between the Fox News journalists (who, although few in number, are actual reporters, with respectable and credible backgrounds) and the Fox News commentators (who are not known for anything other than being pro-Republican, and these days, pro-Trump, partisans).

FOX NEWS is actually an entertainment channel. They report very little actual news throughout a 24-hour cycle. Fox news is mainly opinion/commentary for your entertainment and enjoyment.

FOX NEWS is not known as much for its journalists as it is for its commentators. And since its commentators are not reporters (and thus, not objective), I doubt they will win any journalism awards now or in the future.

Interesting isn’t it? 

Imagine what could happen. All kind of scenarios come to my mind and my imagination is running wild.

Millions of people, who enjoy their daily entertainment on FOX News could vote a Reality TV star into the White House.

Oh, wait. It actually happened!

God damn, you can’t make shit up like that! This is better than any soap opera, I swear!

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