How George Bush’s funeral gave me back hope

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I made an unbelievable discovery this week, and ever since I am in peace. I felt a dramatic shift in me and in the blink of an eye, the balance in me was restored.

Like so many of us, I watched the funeral of former President Georg H. W. Bush. Not in full lengths -one has to work to make a living- but I listened to it during my work and looked up at the TV screen when I wanted to.

I remember his Presidency very well, and I remember the man who had lead this country for four years. Many stories and anecdotes have been shared by family and friends this week and I often smiled.

He was humble and strong. He was quite a character, who reached out to people.

He was a good man. He meant well and made his decisions in the countries best interest. I didn’t agree much with his politics, but always respected the man who held the highest office as the 41st President.

I saw former Presidents sitting side by side at George Bush’s funeral. They greeted each other with respect and I could sense a warmth at times, that is missing these days.

When the camera showed Trump and his wife, I felt disturbed. I wanted to linger a moment longer in the past and enjoyed the grace and kindness that was shared with all of us so openly.

Many of my friends agree with me. While we had different opinions, we never hated the men who represented us all, even though we often made fun of them. We just happened to disagree at times. There was no hatred -not as far as I recall.

I can’t wait to see us all go back to normal. May the next two years pass quickly and may the next President of the United States be a Unifier -no matter what party he will come from.

May the current occupant of the White House enter our history books, as the biggest mistake this country ever made.

A funeral of a Former President gave me back hope.

We are not that divided. Most of us want the best for our families as well as for the country.

It is all up to us!

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4 thoughts on “How George Bush’s funeral gave me back hope

  1. Yes, I actually felt love for GW. The Iraq War bitterly divided us too! The eulogy he gave for his kind and loving father was beautiful. We need more role models and leaders like his father. I respected Barbara Bush too. ❤

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  2. Excellent post. It’s my wish too that we get through these next 2 years as quickly and with as little damage as possible and that he fade into history. I’ve not agreed with many Presidents, but I’ve always respected the position. Until this time. I’m trying to stay quiet to not disrupt my family but it’s hard. We have to vote, and we have to find someone to run against him that can win. I don’t care which party either.

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