Sorry Ma’am, but I don’t like your music

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For me, the Holiday and Christmas Season begins when I change the music on my website. In the drawer with jazz and soul, out with the Christmas music I like. A different song for each page, for my own amusement more than anything.

Too often it is a desperate attempt to get into THE MOOD and it seems to work. I do it every year and I enjoy it. My webpage, my taste, my music -through the year as well as on Christmas.

This year a lady called me with a complaint. A potential new customer complained not about my work or my prices but instead, she criticized my Christmas music. Go figure!

It was one of those moments where I wasn’t sure if a friend was pulling a prank on me, or if the lady was serious. For a split second I thought about CANDID CAMERA but then decided to take her serious -at least I tried.

As earnest as I could be at that moment, I asked her to tell me more about my wrong taste in music and so it began.

She asked me to look into my version of WHITE CHRISTMAS and so I did. I looked and it was still there. Ottis Redding and not Bill Cosby, for a moment she had me all concerned.

She didn’t like my “Silent Night” and found Tom Waits version absolutely unacceptable and with that, she offended me. Tom Waits and I have a love affair since decades, he just doesn’t know about.

His music has been with me throughout my life and will continue to stay with me to the day I die. I am quite certain I own every record this genius has ever produced and I know most of his songs by heart.

Is Tom Waits everybody’s cup of tea? Nope, he isn’t and neither am I. That’s why we are the perfect match. The master and me -his devoted fan.

It seems we live at a time when many seem to think they can stick their crinkled nose in everybody’s business. It would never occur to me, to complain about music on a business webpage. If I don’t like what I hear, I mute it, it’s as simple as that.

I wish I could do the same when on a holding line, unfortunately, I cannot.

Tom Waits will wander all over my webpage for many years to come and next years Christmas song might as well his CHRISTMAS CARD FROM A HOOKER IN MINNEAPOLIS just because the lyrics are brilliant.




7 thoughts on “Sorry Ma’am, but I don’t like your music

  1. I love Tom Waits and can’t imagine anyone being “annoyed” by him. I understand we all have different favorites, but what an odd complaint. LOL! I have very eclectic tastes in music, too. My life is richer fort. 🙂 I admire that you gave her the opportunity to express herself. I am not sure I’d have been very gracious. Bother!


  2. I love Tom Waits too. I find it a bit disconcerting someone would be so outspoken about someone else’s choice of music. Might have to just tell her what I really think… which would result in the loss of that customer. 🙂


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