Christmas Morning at Christmas Rocks

christmas rocks new

Hiking on Christmas morning? Would I be the only one who would be up for it? Turns out I wasn’t. 21 people showed up and we had a marvelous time, and where else would we hike on that day, other than at Christmas Rocks. Starting at 9 am sharp we went for a two-hour hike and all of us were back home at 12:30 pm to eat lunch and unwrap more presents. 

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Christmas Rock is a State Nature Preserve that is off the beaten path and until recently, required a permit to enter. Consequently, it is still not very well known. It has some really beautiful scenery typical of the Hocking Hills area but without the crowds.

christmas rocks new 6

christmas rocks new 3

christmas rocks new 5

The perfect place for a get together and just because it was Christmas, we decided to “allow” our partners to join our Ladies group and many showed up.

christmas rocks6

We met at a small gravel parking and from there, we walked up Oil Mill Hollow Road to get to the trailhead, hike the blue loop, then the orange loop with a stop at the Jacobs Ladder overlook, for a snack, hot cocoa, selfies, and laughter.

christmas rocks11

christmas rocks12

christmas rocks9

We all agreed while it was a different Christmas morning than usual, we all enjoyed it. Nature’s silent beauty gave us a good start into a really great Christmas Day.

Wait and see what we did for New Years!

9 thoughts on “Christmas Morning at Christmas Rocks

  1. The Audubon Society chapter where I live always has a Christmas morning walk, and New Year’s Day. I think it’s a great way to start the day. That looks like some serious hiking! Beautiful views Bridget


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