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You are so kind, she said and I am not.
I am rude and crude, rough at times and too outspoken.
Sarcastic and cynical, brutal sometimes if only with words.

You are so kind, he said and I am not.
I am offensive and uncomfortable at occasions.
I am selfish and self-centered.

You are so kind, they say and I am not.
I am headstrong, not easy to manipulate.
I am outspoken and embarrassing sporadically.

Kind I am not I think and then I look around.

I read the news and search online.
I study comments and feel lost.
I turn on the TV and stream a bit but not for long.

They were right, I am kind in a world that is not.

14 thoughts on “Kind

  1. I think you speak for others, including me. This is both simple and profound at the same time! I am always eager to hear your perspective, because you have fire and indignation, and I need to hear that sometimes. But you are indeed reasonable and kind. You’ve said it clearly and I like it!


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