Homo Hot Lips

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I don’t hate nothing and nobody, which was true until autocorrect came along.

Just a while ago I texted a friend and wished her belated Happy Birthday. I confessed to being a terrible friend, what was quickly adjusted and corrected to “I am a terrier.”

Seriously? Do dogs have phones and if so -because these days you just never know- can they type?

The logic behind autocorrect is lost on me -or perhaps there is none, to begin with, and that’s while it’s so frustrating.

I have customers who wanted to look at my Boobs oops Booths, I texted with a friend and we compared cocks, which were smothered in onions and gravy because we were actually talking about cooking.

I am living in an autocorrect nightmare. Good news, it seems I am not alone.


Homo hot lips! That’s hysterical!




12 thoughts on “Homo Hot Lips

  1. I have sent and received some doozies, too. The funniest thing is when I get texts from my mother who speaks all of her texts. She will send one filled with words that have been changed due to autocorrect, and then she won’t stop. She’ll send half a dozen more trying to make all of the corrections. You’ve given me quite chuckle!

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