Offline or Online?

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I haven’t been very active in the blogging world, had my hands full offline. My husband got hurt on the job site December 3rd, and ever since we are living the Workman’s Comp nightmare, like so many before us.

I am gobsmacked – flabbergasted – disgusted – speechless – frustrated and these are just a couple of words that quickly come to mind. Learning, that the one insurance which is supposed to protect the worker actually works against him, is more than eye-opening. A flawed healthcare system at it’s best!

The job of the Workman’s Compensation Insurance is to keep a claim -any claim- as cheap as possible for the Employer and with that, they throw the injured worker in an emotional turmoil.

Protect the money! Shit on the little guy! Same old, same old!

We got a lawyer involved -just like THEY did. His surgery might happen at the beginning of April, or perhaps it won’t. He is already 60 years old, and they might try to push him out on temporary disability until his retirement -instead of repairing his damaged shoulder.

But he is only 60 years young, we will fight it all the way. He doesn’t want to sit on disability. He wants to work and be back to normal. Guess what? THEY do exist, not everybody milks the system when they are given the opportunity.

A few weeks ago, I came online and read through posts and one blogger shocked me quite a bit. She openly admitted she had been thinking about ending her life when one of her older dogs died. This post had red flags all over.

A cry for help, or a serious dose of self-pity, mixed with the desire to share a rather uninteresting life. Who knows? Depression and grief = The wish to commit suicide.

A ticking time bomb if you ask me.

I read the comments and felt bewilderment. People felt sorry for her and her loss (dog and her husband many years ago) yet nobody -not one blogger- stated the obvious. For Heaven’s sake, get help – Call the suicide hotline – See a doctor – Got to Therapy – Join grief counseling! Anything…something…but nothing. Just the same old BLABLA we are supposed to leave in the comment section because after all, the blogging rules and regulations have to be obeyed. Click “Like” and be friendly. Don’t critic and don’t dislike -and for Heaven’s sake don’t state the obvious!

I read a few more posts, glanced at pictures showing strangers in private situations with their privacy destroyed and -once again- felt sadness. All of it just to satisfy bloggers needs to post photographs. I hate it so much. I always hope nobody abuses moments in my life this way.

I went offline -still felt confused. Perhaps Lady Gaga is right, social media is the toilet of the internet. Blogging sure is a part of it. Am I? Yes, I suppose I am part of it -or have been.

I watched the news, listened to hearings, even endured the first American Autocrat’s voice for a very short while. I almost made it through the Oscars (by mistake) and I read a lot. We watched good movies, talked and talked some more. Life away from the keyboard is busy, it is more honest -even now at a time when we get our daily dose of lies by the truckload.

I smile a lot and laugh harder than ever. I stand up for my beliefs as I always have. My head is not in the clouds and not in the sand -it’s where it belongs, even so, it seems to be spinning now and then.

My husband is on light duty and working hard. I operate my workroom and teach students my craft. Our old dogs get ready for their -most likely- last spring and I am planning herbs and flowers in my head, and ignore the snow in the forecast.

I don’t belong online, that’s the conclusion I have come to. I will dream and fight, laugh and cry and will no longer continue to compromise what I stand for in real life.

I will keep The Happy Quitter online but it will be a Smoking blog only. The rest was just playful play in a strange online world!

A brilliant version of a song I always loved.



14 thoughts on “Offline or Online?

  1. Hi Bridget, it’s been quite some time since I’ve stopped by but I saw the title on this post and couldn’t resist. I hadn’t heard the Lady Gaga quote but I wholeheartedly agree. I hope your husband is doing better and that you both successfully fought the system. Very pretty song.


  2. Ditto… I too spend more time with my husband now. And yet… your comments on the world have helped me and others, glad to have our feebler outrage given voice, to know there are sane people (as well as all the others) all over the internet. Any time you want to say something, we’ll be here to listen.

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  3. Glad to hear that you’re keeping your blog up for it’s initial intention Bridget! Do what you need now for yourself. We can’t fix this world where it needs to be fixed. I stuck with my initial intention to make my blog about me surviving and thriving after a major setback and I stuck with that. It keeps me moving forward and connecting with similar blogs. I enjoyed being connected with you through WordPress and will continue to follow The Happy Quitter. 🙂


  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband, and I hope that he gets the treatment and support he needs before too much longer. I’ll miss your posts but I understand and respect your reasons. Maybe things will improve and you’ll feel able to return: we certainly need voices of reason like yours! Take care, Bridget.


  5. I’m so very sorry to hear of your husband’s accident at work and the subsequent insurance nightmare! I hope that in the end he will get the surgery he needs and be well. Your thoughts and feelings are very clear, and i’m glad you shared with honestly. You will definitely be missed. I always first and foremost want others to take care of themselves, and I think in this decision that’s what you will be doing. xx

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  6. I’m sorry about your husband getting injured and the workmans comp nightmare. My friend went through it too- also with a lawyer… so much time and energy. Sorry to see you go- I have been thinking about you- I figured something was up that you have been absent. I am sorry the blogs became such a negative place for you. Real life, real gardens, real people is never the wrong choice. ❤

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  7. It’s a shame you don’t want to continue your blog as it is – I for one will be sorry to see you online less often. It definitely is difficult fighting a compensation claim, and it does sometimes feel that you are the one in the wrong for asking for it! Good luck with everything, take care 🙂


  8. I don’t quite know what to say. I’m sad, but I’m not surprised. You’ve been disillusioned for some time. The connection you were looking for online has been eluding you and – compared to your headspace – it’s been obvious that you felt it was superficial and irrelevant.

    My very best wishes for your husband’s recovery. This is a new frustration you didn’t need or deserve. So sad that it’s devolved into the use of lawyers 😕

    Good luck ❤️


  9. Sorry to see you go Bridget, but there will be plenty of us here to greet you if you decide to return some time. Hope you get your husband sorted and back to full health. Bon Voyage and good luck, and good health for the future. xx

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