Who am I today?

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In “New Amsterdam” a rather new TV series meant to show us how health care could work, the character Max, the medical director of the hospital, sits in the waiting room of the pediatric department, waiting to have his six months old daughter looked at by a pediatrician. Beside him sits a lady waiting with her daughter.

After a short while, they talk and introduce the kids first.

“This wobbly girl is Bobbie,” she says holding on to her little daughter, who is eager to walk off alone.
“This sweet girl is Lulu,” Max reveals.
“It’s nice that we the adults don’t have the qualifiers in front of our names,” Max continues.
“Actually I think we would treat each other better if we did,” the woman responds.
“Hi I am anxious-in-hospitals Alice,” she continues.
“I am hiding-behind-my-smile max,” he introduces himself.

What a wonderful idea. Who would I be today?

I would be woke-up-with-a-terrible-headache Bridget, and I bet people all around me would be kind to me today because they would know I am not feeling well.

Other days I might be over-the-moon Bridget, or perhaps even full-of-it Bridget. Depending on the day, but either way, the people around me would always know who they are dealing with. No more guessing games!

Of course, it means we would let our guard down a bit, but if you think about it, maybe that’s what we need the most right now. Not the sharing of everything that is good, which we do so perfectly on our blogs and all the other social media pages, but rather the opposite.

A dose of honesty, a humble evaluation of ourselves.

A small set of words could reveal so much about us, and I bet we would feel vulnerable at first but not for long. After all, everybody around us would do the same and assuming we all would be honest with our self-assessment, it could be quite an experiment.

I believe Alice was right. We would treat each other better and ultimately understand each other better.

I should continue it, at least here on my little blog.



8 thoughts on “Who am I today?

  1. I am so glad you are back to sharing all of you, your thoughts, feelings and your most interesting personal history, here on your blog. Thanks for not cutting me off after sharing my own personal comments (I.e. My Self-Evident Truths – the title of my blog) on some of your posts, even if/when they may not be what you wanted to hear.


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