Things you cannot blog about! But why?

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Most and foremost, don’t ever write about religion, because good lord almighty you might rattle the boat. It’s almost as bad as writing about politics! Which is -if you live in the United (divided) States of America, perhaps the biggest blogging offense you can commit.

I tried, and it was a very successful experience if I may add. Almost blogging hara-kiri. I lost readers left and right, and while it puzzled me at first, I couldn’t help but wonder why they followed my blog, to begin with.

Haven’t you noticed that I am a middle-aged rebel woman, who doesn’t have a filter between mouth and brain -sorry fingers and brain? Can’t you read between the lines? I am an independent woman, an independent thinker, and now to make matters worse, I have to confess I am an independent voter as well. (You knew didn’t you?)

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“Child question everything,” my half-Jewish Grandma told me from a very young age on, and then she put me in a Catholic boarding school with nuns in the very religious south of Germany, a region called Bavaria.

Are you kidding me? What was she thinking? I was a ticking timebomb. They had to invent new punishments to punish me. Weeding the gardens, doing the dishes, bathroom duty -and I am talking about a bathroom for 20 girls with 10 tubs and as many sinks, peeling potatoes, goodness, they kept me busy.

“Question everything child, don’t follow blindly.” Good grief it’s embedded deep in my soul, it’s like a tattoo on my forehead.

I asked her why once, and she said, “That something like THAT never happens again,” and meant, of course, World War II. I understood!

Politics, we don’t want to hear about it, for sure not if it is contrary to our opinion. Keep your mouth shut and your fingers on your keyboard, swear in private but don’t you dare write about it.

My mind, soul, and heart are overflowing. My brain is giving me mixed signals -it likes doing that. Question your own question. Goodness, what else?

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I promised myself to listen to both sides -always. Stupid promise! It challenges my no alcohol-during-the-week-policy tremendously. No wonder we have an opioid crisis. Life is just easier if you are stoned, high as a kite, or drunk as a skunk I suppose.

Politics! Have we ever been more divided? Has there ever been more hate against each other?

And then I think about the Roman Empire and smile. Memories of my visit to the Colosseo in Rome fly by. I see the empty field where so long ago the Circus Maximus has been.

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People were forced to fight against each other for the entertainment of the audience. Public hangings were an attraction. Poor souls! They would have been better off with TV back then. Reality TV perhaps? The masses have to be amused, one way or the other!

I listened to Donald Trump’s defense team today, and it startled me a bit. (Don’t write about it Bridget, don’t you dare!)

Today, I am can’t-help-it Bridget. (Question everything)

A case based on the absence of witnesses, the absence of evidence, the absence of cross-examination, and the absence of documents. It’s very entertaining but not satisfying. Without winning facts, they are arguing the process. Are you kidding me? I did that when I was a kid, it does not work? Or does it?

All of it leaves me with so many questions. How can I not have questions?

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This is one of my all-time favorite quotes and I am glad I found it.

The Republican Truth or the Democratic Truth? You would think there are worlds between them but it’s not true. Deep down we all know right from wrong, we all know the difference between a lie and the truth.

Most of the time we want the same, our approach is just different.

Perhaps we are too loyal these days, and forget that ALL politicians are actually supposed to serve us. Maybe we want entertainment more than anything. Just like it was 2020 years ago.

So Thumbs up or down?

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And tomorrow we talk about religion. Just kidding, not tomorrow…Tuesday!~

19 thoughts on “Things you cannot blog about! But why?

  1. Like you, I have more questions than answers, and I am beginning to question everything! Like you, I watched the impeachment trial and decided ” Without winning facts, they are arguing the process.” Like you, I asked myself, “Are you kidding me?” I also argued the process when I was a kid, and it didn’t work then either. Ah, alas… politics and religion… topics we’re told not to write about because we might alienate (we WILL alienate) some people. Oh well… (I’ve decided to follow your blog … I like your frankness and your tongue-in-cheek humor.) I’ll be back.


  2. I can’t get hot under the collar over religion. You believe, or you don’t believe, and you live your life according to those ‘rules’. Evil done in the name of religion is a very different matter. Evil done in the name of politics- well, that’s commonplace, isn’t it? There’s always something interesting to read here, Bridget. I’m currently trying to unravel the mystery of global warming and who the bad guys are. 😦 😦 Go on questioning! Somebody has to save the world. We don’t seem to have a Superman!

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  3. I burst out laughing with your comment about challenging your “midweek no alcohol” rule. I have also found that VERY challenging lately. I must admit that I’m perhaps part of the problem. I agree with you and feel very closely aligned to the way you think, so of course I don’t have ANY problem with what you share. But I have stopped reading other blogs I once felt more kindly towards! When the authors started making comments in defense of Trump I just bailed. I have enough of that in my current circle of friends, and we are in various states of alienation from each other because we almost can’t speak without becoming shrill. I’d like to say that I’m more balanced and able to navigate difficult and sometimes emotional political conversations, but I am not there yet. And I think we could talk about religion more easily if politics and religion hadn’t so disturbingly melded in the past many years. It feels very complicated to me, and I don’t always know why! I appreciate your clarity on the issues, however, Bridget. I’m sure questioning everything doesn’t always make you comfortable either, but you persevere!

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  4. I remember now, that you, too, had the RC boarding school experience (mine was in Belgium —Flanders). My father was an atheist and my mother a Methodist. I, too, spent a lot of time being punished (for being untidy, forgetful, not humble enough and full of sin because, as a protestant, I couldn’t confess). I learnt to question everything.

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    • Just stay honest, you blog for yourself not for others. The interaction with other bloggers is a beautiful side effect of blogging, isn’t it?
      As for the numbers, they are lies. Look at blogs with 100000 followers and only 40 likes. What happened to the other 99960?

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