Another State of the Union Campaign!

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I made it through the State of the Union address last night. The speech itself was a typical Trump speech, which means it wasn’t a speech at all. It was the same as always, a Trump celebration full of alternative facts. Sorry, this is too good to let go!

The economy is doing great on paper. The unemployment rate is low, just the way it has been under President Obama. How great it sounds if you leave sad facts out of the equation. We have the highest deficit ever. One-third of the Federal Budget is now financed on credit. The Debt grows 1.2 trillion per year. The Federal Debt is now more than the entire GDP (Global Perspectives on Democracy.) 2 trillion and growing. How many zeros is that?

The American people are drowning in credit card debt. But who cares?

As a matter of fact, most of our spending is financed these days. What a deal! What a bargain! As long as you don’t mention the interest you will have to pay with your monthly minimum payment for years to come.

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The State of the Union address was a campaign rally, meant to help Trump to get reelected. “Please, do not fact check anything I say, it’s a party -don’t be a party poop.”

One thing you can say about Republicans, they are no party poops, they fall in line behind any President you might give them.

That’s perhaps the biggest difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats expect perfection of a candidate, and they will criticize mercilessly their own -too much if you ask me- while Republicans always fall behind their nominee and leader without questioning anything. They will have his back -even if it means it will break their own.

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I have been defeated in my lifetime. There were people who dared to challenge me, people who dared to be better than me. I lost tennis games, I should have won. I lost races, I thought I could never lose, but I did, and in the end, I went to my opponents and we shook hands.

Yesterday Mr. Trump refused the outstretched hand from Nancy Pelosi, and I giggled like a little girl. Of course, he did! Greatness is not in sight for this President, who puffs himself up like a blowfish every chance he gets.

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It’s a question of style and class I suppose.

The Medal of Freedom for Rush Limbaugh, a radio show host. So far only 3 Medals of Freedom have been awarded to the RADIO, all by Republican Presidents. George W. Bush to Paul Harvey, and to Lowell Thomas by Gerald Ford in 1977.

Reading the list of recipients of the Medal of Freedom throughout the years brings things back into perspective. Names from the entertainment industry like Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Child, and Bruce Springsteen -to name just a few.

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The Presidential Medal of Freedom is awarded by the president of the United States “For especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, or world peace, or cultural or other significant public or private endeavors”. Honorees are selected by the president or recommended to them by the Distinguished Civilian Service Awards Board. (Source Wikipedia)

Once upon a time, it had been a nice little medal I suppose!

I read about Rush Limbaugh’s advanced lung cancer and I wish him well. I hope he beats this terrible disease, and I wish him strength.

And then there was the end. I had calmed my nerves with my good night tea -which always makes me smile, and so I smiled when Nancy Pelosi tore up Trump’s speech for everybody to see. The tea is too blame, perhaps only half a cup tonight?

I like Nancy Pelosi, this woman has invisible balls in the size of cannonballs -sorry Mrs. Pelosi, it was meant to be a compliment.

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Fact-checking these days is the key. No matter who the politician is, or what internet source you use -and there are many. Don’t let anybody fool you. Come to your own conclusions, and research everything.

What leaves me with the last question. Who fact checks the fact-checkers? “Who watches the watchman?” An old, famous quote from the poet Juvenal, 50 AD. How could someone make so much sense so long ago?

Dig deep or let others do the work for you. Preferably a reliable source!

Use your smartphone! Do your homework!

Now I need to work a little and wait for the pony express to deliver 100% of the votes from Iowa.










7 thoughts on “Another State of the Union Campaign!

  1. I am here in DC, for reasons not revolving around the state of the union or the President…but it was still surreal being on the Hill Tuesday with all the increased security, and being only a couple miles away from the Capital while he was talking. My husband actually went back to the Hill Tuesday evening to see if there was any spectacle, but he found no protestors or anything else going on outside while the President was inside telling stories. I stayed at the hotel, having had a long day already testifying before a Senate subcommittee. I have to admit I fell asleep watching the President enter the Senate, shaking hands etc. I woke up long after it was all over and I’m sort of glad I missed it. Hearing him speak makes me ill.


  2. I had plans last night that took me away from home, so I missed the SOTU and caught a few headlines later. My phone “blew up” when Nancy tore the speech in two. So I knew that had happened, anyway. I’m glad she gets under his skin as much as she does. I am fully admiring your ability to sit through that pep rally. I knew I couldn’t do it. I just can’t. And Rush Limbaugh? I don’t wish anyone such a dreadful disease, but I hope that in his time of treatment there might be a little introspection and perhaps he will develop a little compassion for the suffering of others. He has been a miserably unkind man. As far as I’m concerned, the medal now means absolutely nothing to future recipients. The bar has been set way too low. 😦


  3. I only read what happened yesterday, but just this minute I have just watched the BBC News where they showed Mr. Trump’s speech. I just loved the expressions on Nancy Pelosi’s face and she tore up those pages with charm. That lady is good.

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