What the Heck is Socialism?

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Good grief, did I just say the “S” word? Socialism?

Sitting here on my desk, I assume lightning will strike me any moment -or perhaps I mixed things up -again -and enlightenment will punch me in the face instead. (Don’t you write about socialism, don’t you do it!)

What the heck does socialism actually mean?

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Bernie Sanders is often associated with socialism, his Medicare for all seems to bother some a lot.

“Don’t you come from a socialist country,” people ask me occasionally and I am always flabbergasted by the look they give me when I insist to call it “Democratic Socialism.” Big difference!

Yes, I come from Austria, a bad country with democratic socialism even though it is a Republic, and to make matters worse, I went to school in another democratic socialistic country, a small country called Germany.

Socialism what a scareword it is!

Socialism is what they called social security.
Socialism is what they called puplic power.
Socialism is what they called farm price supports and bailouts.
Socialism is what the called the growth of free and independent labor organizations.
Socialism is their name for almost anything that helps ALL the people.
-Harry S. Truman, speech October 10th, 1052.

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Foodstamps and welfare another dumb socialistic idea. Next, THEY will insist we all will have access to decent nursing homes, and pigs will fly in the air.

It is so tiresome to read all the misinformation coming from the media left and right. Bernie Sanders is not a socialist, he is a democratic socialist!

He does not advocate for the government to own all the hospitals and factories but he has the crazy idea, and the wish, to see the government work for ALL the people and provide services to ALL the people, including health care, and jobs that offer a living wage.

Socialism is a political and economic philosophy – but there is no one actual government today that follows the philosophy. Christianity is a kind of socialism, so is the NFL (which OWNS the labor and regulates it).

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Democratic socialism, where have I seen it here in the U.S.?

Guaranteed public education – Public transportation – Public libraries – Every branch of the US military – Social Security – Medicare/Medicaid – Public hospitals – Public universities – Public parks – Public toilets – Public parking, etc. pp.

Whoever writes Bernie Sander’s speeches. Do your homework! It’s time to educate!

Socialism is in the eyes of the beholder!

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One thought on “What the Heck is Socialism?

  1. Reblogged this on The God of Super Freaks and commented:
    Some may think it’s a joke when I say Switzerland is a Socialist Country. But what is Democratic Socialism anyway. I studied Economics and What you have everywhere in the World today is Democratic Socialism where we must call them Mixed Economies because one part is intemsified by Capital and Private Equity and the other is Socialism or Democratic Socialism…. everyone practices democrafic socilaism if not you can’t do anything worldwide


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