Bubba is innocent!

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We read about Russian interference all the time, yet I never understood how it works. How could a foreign country -any foreign country- influence the outcome in our election? I suppose it means Russia or another country manipulated our voting system, is that correct?

Turns out it’s not! Well, then how did they do it?

Let me tell you about Bubba. Bubba is an honest man. He works hard, doesn’t drink much. He goes to church on Sunday like all his neighbors. Bubba, can’t harm a fly, he helps whenever he can, provides for his family. He tries to do the best he can, day in day out for as long as he remembers.

He had some schooling, has picked up a few words of Spanish in the company he used to work for when he was young. He still lives in the same town he grew up in. He has traveled a bit, has visited relatives in North Carolina once or twice, has spent his Honeymoon in Missouri. He has seen a few neighbor states, has toured big cities for a few days. He lives in a small house, drives an older car.

He didn’t have big dreams for himself but hoped one of his kids would go to college, and he worked even harder when his son decided to fulfill his father’s dreams. The Son finished college, moved away and started his own family in a big scary city.

The kids visited home a couple of times a year, mostly they stayed in contact via phone and later on via social media. They posted every day and quickly became friends again with people they had not have had contact with in ages. Neighbors, Co-workers, everybody Bubba once knew had now access to his family’s life -and vice versa.

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Quite a task to keep up with. Imagine 200 -300 friends in real life. Neither one of us would be able to keep up with it, yet online we do -or pretend we do.

Whether the voting machines were manipulated is irrelevant. It is the VOTERS who were manipulated via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s not that Bubba’s vote for was changed from Hillary to Trump. It is that Bubba himself was manipulated via internet propaganda into thinking a vote for Trump would be a good idea.

Horrifying, new information about the other side a few times an hour. Too much to research, too many to question.

The thing with good propaganda is that the target takes in the messages to such an extent that in the end, he is certain that he came to his belief on his own, and any challenge of that belief feels like an attack on his identity. He will fight you to preserve that illusion.

What a simple and successful tool the internet can be? Imagine the damage thousands and thousands of fake social media accounts can do?

Turn’s out Bubba is innocent. He didn’t do anything wrong, he is was used and will probably never know. Will Bubba be used again in the future? Most likely so!

Discrediting people has never been easier, rumors have never spread faster.

One day, in the far future, people will come to their senses. There will be rules and regulations. Freedom of speech will not be touched, but keyboard actions will have consequences.

The internet came to fast. We as a society were not ready. Future generations will learn from our mistakes. I know, I just know because we cannot go on like this!

Russian interference and how it worked in 2016 >>>here<<<

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2 thoughts on “Bubba is innocent!

  1. Yes, and once a post is out there it gets shared many times over and over again. I know a lot of people who just don’t even look at the link attached to the headline. Let’s hope people wake up before November!


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