Who are those People?

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$1,700 to $3,500 per the ticket for the last Democratic debate in South Carolina. Imagine that! Surely anyone of us could pay that easily out of the petty cash, right?

The average voter cannot afford these ticket prices, leaves me wondering if the people in the audience weren’t just there to manipulate the debate. Perhaps just another Millionaire trick? Nah….they wouldn’t, or would they?

Perhaps the tickets were bought by certain campaigns, and then their supporters were sent to be there? Nah…that would be manipulation, they wouldn’t, or would they?

The debate itself was horrible. Besides being terribly moderated, I couldn’t help but notice the audience’s behavior. Cheers and applause for Bloomberg and Biden, negativity for Elizabeth Warren, and even boos for Bernie Sanders.

Almost like a Jerry Springer show!

The candidates themselves were at their worst behavior. I didn’t like the tone, the yelling, and shouting. It’s a debate people, not entertainment, or at least that what it was before 2016.

Good grief, what a disaster!

Too many people in the debate, not enough time to answer questions. The one who yells the loudest can talk the most? Why does that sound familiar.

I wish there would be round table discussions, rather then debates. Serious questions, enough time to answer for everybody. Perhaps like the old Meet the Press?



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