Excellence in Black and White

The couple, whose private life has been a staple of tabloid speculation, know that appearing together will expose their relationship to greater public examination.

Borrowed from the New York Times!

I have to admit I always click on promotional articles but never really read them. I fast-read, get bits and pieces and move on to greener pastures. Today however I lingered.

Still, stubbornly refusing to read about a new book, a new film, or a new theater play, I stayed and stared at a picture.

Excellence in black and white. Sarah Jessica Parker in the front, a few wrinkles in her face, aged hands, a beautiful statement for aging gracefully at a time where most celebrities seem to have a standing appointment with plastic surgeons.

Matthew Broderick, her husband of 21 years in the back, looking at the sleeping beauty in front of him. I almost feel like an intruder.

While I cannot (and will not) comment on the article, I applaud the New York Times for the pictures.


A middle-aged, woman who is proud of the map of life in her face as well!

6 thoughts on “Excellence in Black and White

  1. So beautiful. I was shocked when I saw one of our TV personalities on screen for the first time for a number of years. I did not recognise her but commented that all the work she had obviously had done had ruined her face. I still couldn’t identify her after Jackie had told me who she was.


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