Are all Bloggers Narcissists?

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It’s not the connection, blogging draws us back because we feel the need to share. We want to show our photos, write our stories. We need the audience. No more quiet diaries or forgotten photo albums, now we share with whoever is willing to read and look. Blogging pets our narcissistic soul. 🙂

That was actually a comment I made, and my blogging friend called me ‘cynical,’ which I took as a compliment because I like being cynical. To me, it means I still have some critical thinking left, sadly I spit it out without any warning -mostly when not expected.

Sometimes I imagine myself at a party. Standing there, gloating and sharing my daily or weekly accomplishments with strangers, then, right before they would have the chance to politely excuse themself, I would bring out the photos to show them our dogs, the yard, the last meal I cooked, the last pillow I sewed.

It wouldn’t take long and I would stand alone in my corner with nobody willing to listen. I suppose that’s why someone invented social media, we needed a platform to shine!

Am I really cynical?

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Good blogging always occurs when we are passionate about something. When passionate about an issue or topic, people will always view it from a point of view that makes them happiest and will try to get others to do the same.

Name any blogger that isn’t narcissistic – or any journalist for that matter.

Most of us are somewhere between self-worth and self-love. Personally, I find my self alternating between wanting to create useful ideas, sharing my opinion and watching my blog go down in ranking. (Believe me, I rank pretty low most of the time!)

I don’t wasn’t to write to please, even though it would be easier, and I refuse to blog for numbers.

I think all people are trying to gain meaning -whatever that means for them. It might be making money, providing a service, talking about one’s experience to gain understanding or to help others. It can be a bit of a slippery slope, but I think we all do it to try to create an environment that hopefully satisfies us in one way or another.

I also believe we all are narcissistic at heart. After all the internet is a place to toot our horn, right?

Why do I blog? Good question you asked. I don’t even share my life or pictures of me. Stubbornly I insist to stay anonymous in my little bubble, continue the march to my own drum.

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or so I hope

I have noticed numerous times that I don’t really belong here in the blogging world, but insist on being here anyway.

I voice my opinion mostly, perhaps just to ensure myself I am not as ‘nut’ as I might seem at times. Reading the comments helps me to feel connected at a time where I feel disconnected at times. Crazy times we live in, and it gets scarier each day.

Perhaps I am just a happy pisspot who likes to be sarcastic now and then. If there would be a tombstone for dead blogs, I hope mine one day will read

“Voice of reason” or “Thought-provoking” or perhaps “Nuts but interesting”

Maybe being a bit of a narcissist isn’t so wrong, to begin with. I believe most of us are simply people with a passion. People who have found the courage to publicize their passion for all the world to see (Thanks to the mighty Internet!)

I realize my ‘stories’ and ‘anecdotes’ will die with me, so why not share them with anyone who is willing to actually read them. While I will never master the art of writing, I love doing it.

Many of the bloggers I follow are middle-aged or older. Blogging gives us an out to share our lives, our opinions without leaving the house. Good grief, I suppose that makes me a lazy narcissist?

Perhaps we are all just folks with a soapbox who aren’t afraid to stand upon it and speak our minds, or in my case, we just try to figure out a thing or two.

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17 thoughts on “Are all Bloggers Narcissists?

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  2. Sound thoughts from you, Brtidget. Originally I began a daily diary on Facebook in order to keep in touch with tech-savvy children. Soon I was told I should write a blog. I needed to learn what it was and how to do it, 7 years on, I have been amazed at the friendships that have developed and keep me in touch with the world. I gain great encouragement from this and certainly aim to please. I could never have done this during my working life.

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  3. I definitely blog to satisfy my solipsism. I’m simultaneously happy to blog just for myself but infuriatingly I catch myself looking at my stats as well. Would I still write if no one read it? I’d like to think so, but in all honestly my interest in my readership indicates that I too am a narcissistic blogger, like everyone else.

    PS: Everybody please enable my problem by liking this comment and visiting my blog!

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    • My pleasure! I always wanted to be an enabler. I am faszinated by the stats when I don’t blog -if it makes any sense at all. I didn’t blog for eight months, yet I had the same low stats. Somewhere between 100 and 200 readers a day, what made me feel quite useless. 🙂


  4. Such an interesting post! I do think social media, the internet and even blogging breed a certain level of narcissism (though I feel like with blogging the numbers are far fewer, so it brings less narcissism than perhaps other mediums… Though that may be the more optimistic part of my brain talking 😉) I do think that the best way to do anything is with passion- but I don’t think we can help having less noble intentions, because humans are flawed, and it’s usually a bit of both

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