Time after Time

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It’s way too late already. I just got up, slept in a bit, like I normally do on Sundays, yet it’s later than usual. Another spring-forward time change, which I believe somebody made up just to annoy me.

For the next eight months, I will stay annoyed. I will wake up an hour later, and I won’t be tired when it’s time to go to bed. You might be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but this 56-year-old body is in tune with time, there is no fooling it.

Over there, in Europe, they will do the same in a couple of weeks, even though they have decided to not do it anymore -but couldn’t agree on which time to keep, so they are doing it again.

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Are you kidding me? Keep the time that’s normal to all of us. I don’t need the sun to go down at 10 pm, I go to bed at 9:30 pm like so many working people and it’s helpful when the neighbor kids don’t play and shout on the streets anymore. Ask me again after we retired, I might change my mind.

I went from room to room, picked up the clocks and changed the timers on not-so-smart-electronic devices. This year it’s my duty, my husband has his right hand in a sling. I am the sole time changer this year. You better get the heavy clock off the wall without dropping it, girl. 

I have been staring at the large living room clock for quite some time. Finally, I got up, felt ready to tackle the beast, when I heard Mr. Know-it-all behind me. “You only have to open the glass door -just change the handles.” Goodness, life can be so simple!

Only one clock left. I know I have the manual somewhere. My projection alarm clock, which I adore. Who would have thought having the time displayed on the ceiling would be so much fun? I will get to it later. I just have to look for the manual and while I am at it, perhaps I should find a manual for the dogs too.

Like every year they will ignore the time change, for them, it just doesn’t exist. Lucky creatures they are.

The dogs don’t know
we are saving daylight,
still rising at the same hour
over nature, man has no power.

I feel robbed. Somebody came by at night and stole an hour from me, and I want it back. It’s part of my time here on earth -don’t you dare screw me out of it.

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7 thoughts on “Time after Time

  1. Hmm … I love British Summer Time, I love the moment when we get up an hour earlier and I can garden almost until bedtime. I hate it when we revert to ‘normal’ time and get up an hour later and it gets dark halfway through the afternoon. Sorry!

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    • I get up at 5:30 am every morning, but need an alarm clock during the summer time. I cannot adjust to it and believe me I tried. Same thing tonight. 9:30 pm when it’s time to go to bed, will only be 8:30 pm and I won’t be able to sleep.

      Perhaps I should do what I did when I traveled overseas, just stay op for 24+ hrs then I will fall asleep no matter what.


  2. I never got around to changing my clocks when we left daylight savings time, which seems only a couple of weeks ago. So I’ve been waking up at night, looking at my bedside clock and subtracting one hour. That made this change to daylight savings easy for me…all the clocks are set! 🙂 Now I think they should just leave it be. If we’re only on regular time for 4 months I don’t get the point.

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    • The regular time is the time most of us feel in our bodies. Not even after eight months do I get used to the missing hours. Goodness, I guess that might be another indication I might old. *grin*


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