DIY Easter Table Decoration

Selbstgemachte Tischdeko zu Ostern

How easy and cheap it can be to decorate an Easter table.

Just open half of the raw eggs in a carton carefully with a spoon or knife -just on top of the egg- the next time you make breakfast. Wash the empty eggshells carefully, let them dry and paint the outside in a shiny metallic color. Gold, pink, blue -whatever you prefer.

Hard-boil the other half of the eggs, and color them in the easter colors that will match the empty eggshells. I like them all in one color -at least this year.

Fill the empty eggshells carefully with water, if you want to display small flowers, or with potting soil if you have rooted plants.

Looks great with roses, grass, crocuses and other small blooming plants.

Voila, there is your new Table decoration for Easter.

Cheap, easy, beautiful and practical!


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