One less worry -for now!

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I am a capitalist, but I strongly believe we have to support and lend a hand to those with fewer resources and opportunities. I believe in giving, caring and sharing. I also believe in personal responsibility, but how can I enjoy my success, when I know my brother is homeless, hungry and afraid.

I don’t want to live in a country where the least of us are forgotten or scorned. I don’t want to live in a country where the color of the skin can determine if you live or die. I have the privilege of being privileged and I am aware of it.

When I dream, I dream big! Give me a glass of wine and get me started on politics -there is no stopping me.

Today, after fighting for 15 months, and for almost four months without my husband’s income, due to an unexpected open-heart surgery, I held the first check in my hand. Given to us by the lawyer we had to hire because the ‘other side’ had lawyered up right from the start.

We had to fight for our rights! We watched our nest egg melt away with two deductibles, used the rest of it to make up for lost income. It added up quickly. First 5K, then 10K, now we are at 23K that we lost.

We were lucky. We are still standing, haven’t lost our home or car. We had food to eat, even allowed ourselves some extras now and then.

I drove to the bank, deposited the first temporary disability check workman’s comp has to send now every Friday during my husband’s recovery from his shoulder surgery. I shudder when I think what could have been. He fell at work! Imagine the same could have happened in our driveway. Same injury, no compensation. We were lucky!

I went back home and felt utterly exhausted. The last months had been hard. Now the worrying is over. I can breathe again, can fall asleep without juggling bills in my mind.

Years ago I joked, made the statement that the middle class is kept busy worrying by the rich. Now I know it wasn’t a joke, that’s exactly what they do. As long as you keep us busy worrying, you can change laws and regulations right in front of us. We won’t care. We are busy putting a roof over our head, we are occupied with worries.

“If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.”

Actor and comedian Chris Rock made this clever statement during a 2014 interview with a New York magazine, referring to the dramatic gap between rich and poor. In doing so, he stumbled upon a key challenge in the study of inequality.

I feel like going to bed and staying there for a few days. For us, the worst is over! I will fall asleep thinking about the ones who still have to worry.

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13 thoughts on “One less worry -for now!

  1. Congratulations on getting your first Worker’s Comp check. That can be a tough battle to win. And it will likely be an ongoing battle to keep the benefits coming. I do wish your husband a full recovery, so he can eventually return to work.

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