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Stay home, they say and I do.

Don’t stress out, they say and I try.

We are in it together, they say

and I know they are lying.

We are not equal, never will be.

Money rules, the rich are privileged.

I am not, and march to my own drum

and dance to music, only I can hear.

Celebrities get tested and but I am not.

My life is not worth that much

but that’s where they are wrong.

It’s actually priceless.


7 thoughts on “Priceless

  1. Here it is very odd that the wealthy county bordering my county to the north has the second largest number of confirmed cases in our state, and my county has none? Our main pediatrician’s office had a big sign on their door that they weren’t testing!

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  2. You ARE priceless. I have to remark however, that that bargain basement bozo in the White House had the audacity yesterday, when asked why celebrities and sports stars are being tested and the most vulnerable are not, to say this is the way its always been and the rich will always come first as though that is acceptable. Angry? About to start a fire? Watch this space!!!!

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