When it Rains it Pours

I should write how it all makes me feel, yet I am lost for words. I didn’t expect a call like this, didn’t think I could be of any help, yet I was and it left me with mixed emotions.

Just like all the other stores and workshops in my line of business, they asked me as well. “Could you sew masks, no pay, we provide the material, but we are running out of 1/4″ elastic, perhaps you have some?”

I did, and so I found myself sewing face masks for the nearby hospitals, to keep the staff healthy and safe. I always joke that I don’t touch clothing -ever- and refuse to even put a zipper in a pair of pants, or hem a skirt or dress for any neighbor or friend.

It is beneath me, just like my line of work is beneath the artists who call themself tailors or dressmakers. Yet now we all came together, transferred yards of fabric into masks, exchanged supplies -carefully with the required social distance between us. At a time when I need a hug more than ever, I find myself feeling left alone.

My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour. Stories my grandmother had told me about World War I and II came back to me. The women at home had worked in factories then, had built ammunition, were put at work where they were needed, while the men on the front risk their life for their country -dreaming of peace and freedom in the world.

The doctors, nurses, helpers and assistants in the hospitals are risking their lives on the frontlines these days. They are exhausted, scared senseless -yet they continue to do their job.

The ones I talked to have forgotten time and date. The work hard, fight against an invisible monster, a virus that will ultimately kill many of us. And I just sew in the comfort of my own home, in my workshop. I don’t risk anything! I always hoped to be a hero, yet I am not, or perhaps I am just not the way I pictured it?

My neighbor still thinks we are all overreacting, while another neighbor is afraid to bring in her mail. I stopped reading the neighborhood board, could not stand some of the comments that were left there, could not bear the ignorance and selfishness some showed.

One neighbor insisted we all should not drive for one week, while another one wanted to go around with a group of kids and paint our driveways and sidewalks with chalk. Dogs and cats are being given away for no reason, and I made a nice group of new enemies when I could not hold back what I thought about it.

I tried to collect 1/4 inch elastic, made very clear why I needed it and who would get it, yet some still asked for money, or offered me money for the masks. I will never understand humans, perhaps that’s why we have three dogs. The older I get the less I like humans. Do I sound arrogant? Yes, I know but I can’t help it.

Religious people on the board are providing food and free grocery shopping for the elders -all in the name of Jesus what has to be mentioned in every post. They offer online church on Sunday, yet they weren’t pleased when some of us posted that homeless people could come by for a sandwich, water, and an apple. Not much to give, but enough to share. My street was not happy with me. “Surely you don’t want them in our street,” they asked me and I didn’t say anything. I am tired of people!

“True character is revealed in the choices a human being makes under pressure – the greater the pressure, the deeper the revelation, the truer the choice to the character’s essential nature.”

Robert McKee

I think it’s true. Heroes come out when going it tough because everybody can be a hero in paradise.

I have so many questions, just like everybody else. Will this be our new normal? Will we sit at home from now on because going outside will be too dangerous. Will viruses turn more deadly because we created them with the way we live?

My head is spinning. You all be well!



18 thoughts on “When it Rains it Pours

  1. My reading group, good crafters all, are seeing masks. I have no machine here … mines in France and I feel somewhat useless. Keep doing the good work, using your way beyond good crafter skill and sew some for me. I’ll keep searching for something tangible that I CAN do for the war effort. For surely that is what it is 💫

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      • I am actually really pleased to hear that. Your workroom needs you and you need your workroom and WE need you in your workroom because that is your happy place. I am writing. It’s what I need to do and if I manage to touch a spirit here or there along the way, I’m happy. BTW, can I ask you if you saw the post I put up on Saturday. It behaved really oddly and I’m not convinced it was seen by many. It’s called ‘A Thoroughly Modern Intellect’ 🙂

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  2. Thank you for your time effort and supplies in making masks for those on the front lines. They are the heroes everyone is talking about, but also those with the heart to give like yourself make it on that list too. Stay safe!

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  3. Thank you Bridget, and well done. I too despair at the attitude of a great many people. Surely we are all of the same family, the human race, and we all live in the only place we can, on this marvellous Earth.
    I’m sure that after this disaster is all over, many of the lessons will be swiftly forgotten. there will be T shirts proclaiming “I survived Covid-19” or similar stupid money making ideas. There will still be a division in society with the haves and the have nots.
    I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not.
    Stay safe and well.

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  4. I can’t push the ‘like’ button. But I feel your pain and fear. I can’t understand why people can’t just do what they’re told. We’d all be in better shape. I feel bad for old people, people with medical issues, pets, and those who can’t find toilet paper. I’m 64, my husband is 67. We’re at risk just because of that. I’m trying not to even go out to the park, Katie the dog has to be happy with walks around the yard. I don’t know how long we can keep this up.

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  5. Fantastic that you are contributing something really useful. I feel guilty that I live in comfort, with my husband, and enough resources to get by, but just too old to able to be allowed to help anyone else. We put up a notice to invite passers-by to add our garden to their walk (we are allowed one outing, keeping a distance, per day). Not many walk by, so it is only a very few who take us up. I am full of admiration for how you are dealing with this. Nobody is overreacting, we are all reluctant to accept that this is a real drama, but it is life altering and history-altering for the whole world and we had better gear up to deal with it. Keep safe, keep well.

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    • How about a virtual tour through you garden? I bet many would enjoy it as much as I would. I am not the only one missing you.

      No more excuses! You are under house arrest, you have time to blog my friend. I miss your insight and your wit!


      • Thank you for the kind thought. Although I am sometimes tempted to put garden images up on my blog, I made a very considered decision about priorities a while back and that hasn’t changed even in these difficult times. Blogging is reciprocal, I now only comment on perhaps five blogs and visit maybe ten altogether. I love the community and consider some individuals as very much part of my life, but I still spend more time at my computer than I should for other’s health (or my own). So I must stick to simply dropping in, at least for the time being.

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        • I myself diagnosed myself a while back as a slave of moderen technology. I spent too much time on the computer, even ate infront of it sometimes and it drove me bunkers.

          So I logged off, didn’t blog for eight months and it did me good. Today I have one hour computer time in the morning to read emails, send invoices and read the news. Then I give myself another hour at lunch time, to do the same.
          I write blogs in the evening when my husband watches TV. It works for me.

          It’s important to have priorities!


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