We need an Epidemic of Empathy

There is nobility in compassion, a beauty in empathy, a grace in ...

Today a neighbor warned us of the icecream truck, asked us to boycott it. Yesterday another panicked because kids had been playing outside, kids who live in the same house.

Two teenagers were seen walking hand in hand -nobody knows if they still live at home or who they ‘belong’ to, yet they were asked to stay at home.

At times like this, the gossip business is booming and rumors are spread faster like the coronavirus itself. The missing empathy frightens me.

We are human, none of us is perfect. We try to protect ourselves and our loved ones, yet we often fail. Every day we learn more, yet we know so little.

The snitches and bitches (Please pardon my French, I tried hard to find a suitable expression, expressing the same) are multiplying like rabbits. Calling out the ones who might do something wrong, seems to be the goal. Perhaps it helps the ones who feel helpless. Fingerpointing keeps them busy. A scapegoat needs to be found, and everybody is fair game.

The ice cream truck today, tomorrow I might be the target or the person beside me.

We need an epidemic of empathy.

Empathy for the icecream man who tries to bring some happiness to the children, or perhaps he just drives around because he feels protected in his little truck. Maybe he spent all night long sterilizing everything inside and outside this vehicle. He certainly brings a smile to my face when I  hear the music from far away.

Empathy for the stressed parents who allow their kids to play outside in front of their house.

Empathy for the old man, who doesn’t understand all the new rules, because he can’t remember much these days.

Empathy for the teenagers who are still holding hands, because the had the misfortune to fall in love before the coronavirus put our lives on hold.

Empathy, Compassion, Understanding. Less fingerpointing!

Goodness, I am a dreamer, am I?





11 thoughts on “We need an Epidemic of Empathy

  1. Sing it sister! It won’t surprise you that I absolutely LOVE this post. Empathy has been consigned to the compost to rot and it needs to be rescued and given pride of place in all our homes. I cannot stand the judgers, the know-alls, the finger-pointers. We are humans. No bluddy way are we perfect. We all make mistakes. Let love rule, let hate be throttled and let all those that try to spread bile be floated out to sea in a pea green boat to think about how unkind they are being. X

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  4. Darn, your neighborhood sounds like a soap opera. Geez, is everyone watching each other with binoculars? Yes, some empathy sounds in order, here. And maybe some common sense, too.


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