I am a Climate Killer too

Global Climate Change - Emily K. Grieves Art
I grew up in Austria, eating home-made granola bars and relying on my bicycle for transportation. Now I drink coffee out of a Styrofoam cup and eat my meals off of plastic plates. In America, there’s no way around it. It wasn’t actually my intention to destroy planet Earth but now, like all those around me, I am savoring the life of a climate killer.



6 thoughts on “I am a Climate Killer too

  1. Keep trying, please. I am so shocked when we visit our Chicago daughter (visit this May sadly cancelled, granddaughter now one year old). They live in summer clothes indoors all winter, because their apartment heating is controlled by the owners. Food in plastic, but they do shop with cloth bags. Masses of unused food in the bar where theatre director daughter has otherjob is just thrown away, however good. etc. In the UK there is a real concerted effort, though still nowhere near enough, to reduce our carbon footprint in many areas.

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  2. I think it can be hard, here in America. However, I’m slowly trying to do better. I keep most of my lunches in glass containers for work. I’ve been buying bamboo tooth brushes the degrade better than plastic ones. I’ve been vegan since I graduate high school. I also bought reusable bags, but unfortunately I can’t use them right now with the pandemic. Cars are using gas more efficiently than before. Some of us are even working on biodegradable fuels to use. We really aren’t helping the earth a whole lot right now, but I think that even now we’re still working to make it better.


  3. One of the hardest things for me about moving here was realising that most don’t want to understand the issues. This is the ultimate capitalist economy and society. Everything is counted in profit margins and the margins are generally pretty lean because the customer wants the best deal and the competition is stiff. I understand exactly where you are on this. I wouldn’t have before moving here but I sure do now. It is inexcusable and I don’t want to sign up to it but the resistance is intense and I don’t see a way of changing it. I do what I can sounds so bluddy feeble. I do though. I can’t live any other way.

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