We are too Dumb for this Virus

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I went to ‘The Little Clinic’ at Kroger’s yesterday, needed a refill for a medication, wanted my sprained ankle to be taken care of. I had made the appointment online, arrived before time, waited in the parking lot for a few minutes.

My husband went into the store and got me a mobility scooter, so I didn’t have to hop around like a little monkey. I took my first driving classes in the parking lot. It was easy to learn, and so I rolled into the store.

From reading my post you will get the impression that I live in a town far away, with a population of just a few hundred -most of them happily living under a rock- but that’s not the case. I live in a city with almost one million other people.

I live in RED state if that makes any difference in behavior, but nevertheless a rather, diverse modern mid-west city.

The clinic allowed only one person to enter at a time. A big X was marked on the floor at the check-in. I felt safe and 15 minutes later I jumped back onto my grocery scooter and rolled to the pharmacy.

People were standing in line, stood 6 feet apart, as recommended. Sadly, the distance between the people standing in line also seems to be a standing invitation to cut through while shopping.

A lady at the drop off was coughing uncontrollably, which made us all wince every time we heard her. She looked the same way I do when I have a cold. Wild hair, red cheeks a tired look at her face, barking like a dog. Still, you would think she would wear a facemask and gloves, but she didn’t. I hope it’s only the flu!

As a matter of fact, I only saw two people with face masks in the store -my husband and me. Mr. Bypass-surgery and Mrs. Autoimmune disorder stood out in a crowd of people who didn’t seem to care much about the coronavirus. 

The full parking lot had surprised me when we arrived, and the number of people shopping inside the store startled me the same way. I thought everybody was staying at home?

Quickly aggravated while waiting in line at the pharmacy, I decided to take my scooter through a spin through the store and left my husband behind. My favorite vitamins were on sale ‘Buy one, get on free’ and I stocked up. It didn’t take me too long to find the calcium and our multivitamin gummies, yet I wasn’t fast enough. A lady joined me, leaned over me, and grabbed what she needed.

How am I suppose to keep the social distance, if they don’t let me?

I rolled slowly to the back of the store, picked up bread and eggs. At least 20 people walked either right beside me or decided to shop at the same spot where I had stopped for a few seconds.

When I say we are too stupid for this virus, I mean it.

When we left the store I wanted to park the scooter at the charging station, but before I could make it off, an older gentleman already took it out of my hands -of course without wiping down the handles.

What the @#$%? Am I the only informed person in the city? Am I the only one who is scared?

I am not sure how many will have to die before the ‘Average Joe’ will understand the severity of our situation, but I fear the number will be high.

From what I saw yesterday, I expect us to be in total lockdown within the next 10 days. There will be brutal regulation in place, and leaving the house will only be possible with a permit. Why? Because we are not smart enough to do it without force, that’s why.

My heart goes out to everybody who will be affected by this virus.





17 thoughts on “We are too Dumb for this Virus

  1. On bad days I think that this virus is nature’s way of trying to get rid of our annoying and highly destructive species. Mother Nature has weaponized to cull off the stupid, indifferent, and obnoxious. Sadly, a lot of innocents will be taken in the crossfire.

    You’ve been on my mind lately, Bridget. I hope you and your husband are managing to stay well and somewhat sane in this strange period of human history.

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  2. We’re expecting the surge over the next 2-3 weeks, lasting into May. Your experience is exactly why I’m having groceries delivered (Kroger costs $9.99 plus the tip).


  3. Lockdown is right. I went out to the store during “senior hours” 6:30am on March 20th. Same as you people standing next to each other, reaching over…FORGET IT. I have not left the house since. They don;t get it.. people are dying from this. Stay home and stay safe my friend ❤


  4. In some of the communities in New York, the foolish people did things like having weddings for 1,000 people go ahead because the caterer already bought the food, and even though they were shut down by the police pretty quickly, that and other similar foolish communities are being really hard-hit by the virus because a lot of unthinking people did a lot of unthinking stuff together, and now they are all, or many, sick–best wishes to all.

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  5. How true Bridget. All our shops have queueing to get in, controlled access, and markers on the floor to keep everyone six feet apart. The check outs mostly have screens to separate staff and customer, or have markers to stay behind. Payment is requested via contactless card if possible. Even so there are still plenty of idiots around willing to risk themselves and others. (mostly men I must admit)

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  6. I just came off a call to my eldest daughter in London. She remarked that the lock-down in Britain had transformed things from halfwits on the loose to at least captive in their own homes most of the time. The police now have pretty hefty powers to stop and discipline those that transgress the rules. We are only advisory here in Massachusetts. Judging by the footage from Boston on Sunday, we should be on an order. Because, yes – there are too many who are too stupid for the virus. My husband has remarked more than once that for many people it will take facing the death of someone they care about before they understand. That being the case, Governors need to act and act now.


  7. As the saying goes, “You can’t fix stupid!” We live in a nation of self-centered ne’er-do-wells with too much money and time. I am constantly vexed by the percentage of my fellow citizens who have no idea of hygiene or common courtesy.


  8. I agree this virus has outsmarted us! I live in a red state, but my county is blue. I went to Sam’s club last Friday, and you might have guessed it – the fashion of the day was masks, gloves, hats (yes it clings to the hair), and we kept our distance.

    When we’re self-checking out, someone got too close to the man at the Point of Sale Terminal, and he said: “Back up.” 😯

    At Publix, Kroger, and Sam’s club, there are designated times for the over 65 crowd to shop, and there is also concierge service for them.

    I’m unsure why politics is playing into how we respond to this virus. But at least, it helps me to understand humans a little better. Stay Safe and Be Well!

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    • It’s scary to see people who don’t take precaution as they should. I remember being young and know how I felt. Invincible, strong and unbreakable. Health concerns were unknown to me, but I hope I would reacted wiser than many of the young people today.

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