The world in pictures during Isolation

Made of plastic, it’s fantastic! Marcio Rodrigues is wearing a mask made out of recycled bottles, cans and cartons. The Brazilian photographer wants to design a suit made out of recycled materials if the quarantine in Brazil will continue.

A couple in New York. Trying to stay fit -and have fun- while feeling on top of the world.

Tele-Food in Great Britain. A lady is disinfecting an old phone booth -now used as a depot for groceries in their neighborhood. Pretty cool!

Drive-in Sunday mass in Erfurt, Germany. Why not?

Buddhist monks take part in religious classes in Bangkok with masks and facial shields. Due to travel restrictions, about 200 novice monks remain in the monastery school of the Molilokayaram Educational Institute.

Defenseless: Day laborers and homeless people with breathing masks are waiting on the banks of the Yamuna, a tributary of the Ganges. India has imposed a strict curfew due to the corona crisis -which hit people hard. The police are now partly organizing buses to the hometowns and cities of the unemployed.

Applause for a veteran: Ermando Armelino Piveta is 99 years old and fought in World War II. Now the Brazilian has survived Covid-19. Well done, Sir!

My Rome! Not in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see empty streets in Rome.

Social distancing on the most famous beach in the world! Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro. Watch and learn Florida!

Piano Man: A young man is playing the piano in a parking lot in Hong Kong.  A music school in Hong Kong rented three trucks and they are holding lessons outside in order to continue teaching.



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