I am angry

I am angry…

…because we should give free -used or new- computers and laptops to kids of low-income families, so every kid has access to its online classroom

…because my friend has filed for unemployment five weeks ago, and still hasn’t seen a dime

…because the Coronavirus and its victims are being used for political games

…because only 0.2 % of the population in the U.S has been tested

…because I know the coronavirus numbers are being kept low on purpose

…because our farmers throw out food, while Millions of people go to bed hungry

…because we haven’t opened hotels and empty motels for the homeless

…because the banks are charging heavily for loan applications of small businesses because they can

…because the illegals, who have a tax number and pay Billions of taxes every year, have been forgotten in the stimulus package

…because million-dollar corporations have gotten the money first,

…because we are openly being lied to

…because testing is still only available for the rich and famous

…because we haven’t been prepared

…because we forget the poor and the homeless -like always

…because we are still divided -perhaps now even more than before the pandemic.






6 thoughts on “I am angry

  1. I refuse to be angry, but I can’t help but be disillusioned. I’m frustrated with myself because I know the history of the U.S.A. but refused to believe it continues, yet it does. Divided, we are. So, thank you for being in the group that cares.

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