Happier with Less

Less Is The New More - One Secret No One Will Tell You

I have learned a lot about myself during the quarantine. I don’t need much to be happy. Strip me of my $7 coffee or tea, take the take-outs away, and I am still comfortable and content. The simpler life suits me just fine. Being at home with my husband, cooking every day, cleaning up together -declaring dishwashing part of his Physical Therapy, because he is still not allowed to lift anything that’s no heavier than a coffee cup.

We have fun together, enjoy each other’s company, but also realize we both need space to be alone. Goodness can he be on my nerves -and I am on his I suppose. I need an hour of me-time a day to function humanly. Just reading a book or writing on my blog, walking the dogs, or just watching an episode of ‘Little Fires everyhwhere’ or the ‘Good Girls’.

I have learned to meditate and relax on command -which tickles me pink. I smile all the time and wake up well-rested. I can’t put a label on it. Is it self-awareness or gratitude?

Of course, you can still rock my boat, like when my husband announced that now would be a good time to learn sewing on THAT machine, pointing at my beloved portable industrial sewing machine. I almost fainted. Perhaps now would be a good time to start drinking -again?

But he was right. I have taught men and women how to sew and work with fabrics, why was I so hesitant teaching the man I love. Turns out teaching a stranger is easier and perhaps less stressful. I have never seen eye-rolling or heard heavy breathing or hissing during my classes with my students.

Someone called me ‘stubbornly optimistic’ the other day and inside I clapped my hands like a little girl. Best compliment ever -by a mile! Yes, that’s me. I create silver linings on a daily base.

I still can’t do stupid. Stupid hurts me, forces me to be sarcastic.

I am busy, my workroom is full of projects and restaurant booth seats. Some are thinking ahead and do the repairs now, during a time when they are closed anyway.

I have now sewed hundreds of facemasks. Now it’s Buy one/Give one and I am loving it. We are a team. My husband cuts and irons the fabrics, and I -still- do the sewing, but soon he will be able to do that part as well. We work well together when we work as a team. Letting go of our ego’s did us good.

Life has gotten cheaper for us. We had been eating out or ordered-in too often. We had spent money on things we really don’t need.

I am happy with less!

Happier With Less | Orlando Espinosa


11 thoughts on “Happier with Less

  1. I saw so much of myself in this, though not exactly in one for one matches, just generally overall at the stage in life where I am and who I am with at the moment. The way you are handling it, even including whatever possible small faults or personality defects that briefly reared their ugly heads in this post, made me happy, made me smile, and gave me some hope and inspiration for getting through it, along with appreciation for what I now have and what the situation drove me to gain the courage to finally give up and let go. In both ways, it’s leading me to make some, probably long overdue, attitude adjustments.


  2. Sounds wonderful. My husband and I don’t work well at all on projects together. I’m surviving this isolation because he goes to take care of his brother every day for a few hours so I have some time to myself. There ARE projects around here I wish we’d get to….but so far no time with him gone every day. I’m doing those that I can do by myself. Like weeding all the flowerbeds. And cooking and grocery and cleaning the house and the laundry. Hmmmm seems my life hasn’t changed that much! LOL!

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