Can someone please pinch me?

I must be still sleeping and having a nightmare. Or perhaps these all are actors just pretending to be that …. What’s the right word here? Well anyhow. Thanks, Trevor Norah and Jordan Klepper for the laugh!

Now I am dizzy from headshaking.


12 thoughts on “Can someone please pinch me?

  1. Just got around to watching this. My mouth still hanging open. I suppose I should not be surprised really. People have always been suckers for charlatans and dangerous, but confident/loud/full-of-promises leaders (hence Hitler and the majority of wars). I believe that as humans we tend to be committed to our views and reluctant to change them… but, but, but… are we really all as blind/stupid/idiotic/self-damaging as this?


  2. Unbelievable, worrying, frightening. Am I in a parallel universe? Am I having a moment of lucidity in an otherwise deranged mind. Sad to say that I can now understand how Hitler came to power and instilled such a strong belief.

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  3. Truth is stranger than fiction. Trump is a piece of shit, but the most alarming thing all along has been what was on display in that video. Unreal. The sheep and their shepherd should be transferred to another galaxy.

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