The Alert I did not see coming!

Cosmopolitan Ethic in Action | The Daily Star

It’s not the first time I hear the loud sound coming from my phone. The noise, originally designed to wake up station equipment before the appearance of the modern modem-based SAME system, has the purpose of being so unearthly and metallic that you immediately stopped what you’re doing and pay attention to the radio, TV or cell phone.

As usual, I picked up my phone, grabbed my reading glasses, and turned the alert off. I read it, yet I didn’t comprehend right away. Today I learned there is a third reason, beside Amber Alert and tornado warning, for the nerve-racking sound. A warning of an event that I did not see coming.

A citywide curfew from 10 pm to 6 am has been issued, and with that, another piece fell off my little perfect world, and burst into pieces. Back in my mind, I heard my Grandma telling me stories about WWII. The nights when they were not allowed to leave the house when they had to darken the windows. When being on the streets meant danger.

That was then, this is now! How in the world did we get here?

A curfew issued to keep us safe from protesters who have every right to protest. I understand why they are angry. I am too. Another black man killed by an officer in the line of duty, a duty and a responsibility he should not have had any more- not with 18 complains on his record*

I don’t know the officer, neither do I know the family of the victim. In this case -as always- I stand on the side of justice. Lady Justice blindfolded holding the scale in her hand. The blindfold represents impartiality, the ideal that justice should be applied without regard to wealth, power, or another status. Justitia was only commonly represented as “blind” since the middle of the 16th century. Personally, I believe that’s when people noticed corruption. On the contrary, the original god of justice Themis, also a female in Greek mythology, had her eyes wide open. Themis was the personification of divine or natural law, order, and justice. Her name means JUSTICE. She was worshipped as a goddess in Athens. She was also credited with wisdom, foresight, and prophecy (her son’s name, Prometheus, means “foresight”).

I am just like her. Eyes wide open!

I am a white older lady, self-employed, middle-class, European American, first-generation immigrant, who is not happy living in a city that is under curfew. I happen to be white, not by choice but by birth. I always joke I have a black soul, often misunderstood because it doesn’t stand for evil, but for the love of a continent…Africa. Africa and its people, who welcomed me more than once with open arms -and a drink called Lumumba, many of them.

If I could choose the engraving on my tombstone, sadly I made hotter arrangements, it would state.

Here lies Bridget, a Cosmopolitan.

I am not happy living in a country where racism is so openly shown, not just by Joe Dumbnuts but also by people in power, who should never wear a uniform -or be in power, to begin with.

I understand the anger, I feel the same anger, cried inside when I saw the video of a black gentleman being held down by an officer of the law. I cried out when I had the misfortune to read another one of DT’s tweets. (Thank you Twitter, it was about time don’t you think?)

I would march with all of you for justice -eyes wide open to injustice. The violence takes the attention of the issue and it angers me. The alert on my phone should not be for a curfew, it should be asking us for a  minute of silence for a victim murdered while being defenseless.

Violence is not the answer. I hope it was the first and last alert of this nature. Enough is enough!

My heart is heavy and sad. The older I get, the lesser I understand. I might sound-wise at times, but feel stupid.

Oh, world, what is happening? Oh my world, how do we fix it?

Vik Muniz, 'Starry Night, after Van Gogh" from "Pictures of Magazine"


*I heard it in the news and spread this, and assume it is correct. I have no time to research it, neither do I have access to the records.

9 thoughts on “The Alert I did not see coming!

  1. I, and so many around the world, are with you Bridget. How we fix it is impossible to say. We seem to be breeding idiots by the million, and putting many of them in positions of power. Common sense and decency seems to be off the agenda!

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