The Man who Sheltered 80 People

People Helping People-Reaching Out to Humanity-Palette Knife | Etsy

There is always one somewhere. An ordinary man or woman, who shows extraordinary strength when it’s needed the most.

How hard it can be to help a stranger. How uncomfortable it can be to open your door to allow someone in. I think we all know that. I have found myself numerous times in the position of not being sure what to do. One side of me always wants to help without asking any questions, but there is also the other side in me, whispered softly, spreading doubt in my mind, ultimately asking me to step away.

I have been both, the hero and the coward. Yin and Yang!

Not doing the right thing is so much easier. Walking away,  or turning away, hoping that others might do what you just couldn’t do. Yes, I have been there myself.

The Man who sheltered 80 People


Where there are people, you find strength.

Where there is strength, you find a heart.

Where there is a heart, you find people.

(The Happy Quitter)


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