110,000 Ghosts are Backing me up!

Willful Ignorance - by Daniella Fishburne (America): Red Line Art ...

A lady walked into my workroom. I had been waiting on her, she had made an appointment a few days earlier. I stood behind my work surface, which puts automatically the required social distance in place. I wore my elephant mask with pride, while she wore nothing to protect herself -or me.

She isn’t the first who I let back into my little world without a facemask, and she isn’t the last who I send back to her car to get the protective gear we never were ordered to wear -but which is worn by many of us to show we care, not just about ourselves but also about others around us.

She came right up to me, when I took a few steps back she stopped. My raised hands, signaling her to not take one step further had finally reached her. I asked her politely to get her masks, which she is transporting around in her car but doesn’t like to wear.

“You know we don’t have to wear them,” she said and with that, she pushed my inner button you don’t wish to push.

“Sadly we don’t have leadership who cares enough,” I said politely and smiled behind my mask, a smile that didn’t reach my eyes.

I just about had it with THOSE people. My house, my workroom, my rules, my health! It’s not that complicated. You want me to work for you -for which I get paid- then for heaven’s sake accept my rules. Is that really too much to ask?

“You don’t have to be scared, the Coronavirus is over,” she insisted to inform me, and with that, she finally had managed to wake up the little evil thing some might call temper -I happen to call self-defense.

“It might be over for you, but for the rest of the world, it’s not,” I replied and explained further, just because nothing could stop me now. “I have two autoimmune disorders (Buy one/get one free) and my husband had two major surgeries within the last eight months. Our health might mean nothing to you, but it means the world to us and we are not the only ones.”

I took a deep breath tried to control myself but of course, that didn’t work. “I don’t know what kind of Koolaid you drink in the morning, but you might want to change the flavor up a bit now and then,” I heard myself say and I was shocked. Not just by my choice of words, but also by my tone.

I had sounded ice cold and I knew it. I am just so over THOSE people, their ignorance is driving me mad. I have never willingly let a customer go, but I was ready to do so right then and there.

I didn’t care about a bad review or the lost business opportunity. I just wanted her out of my workroom at lightning speed. I could have been friendlier, could have tried to understand and perhaps even would have been able to reach her, but I didn’t.

She refused to wear a facemask and I refused to do business with her. “I am booked out for months,” I explained without even trying to find an open spot in my calendar.

The last three years have demolished the politness-wall I had around me. I am not longer willing to put up with ignorance. The unwillingness to even consider or acknowledge the other side has brought us to the point where we are more divided than ever. Even public health is now political.

He is not wearing a mask, why should I? 

I will tell you why and I have 110,000 ghosts backing me up. Because people are still dying, they just stopped being in the headlines.

Local fear and ignorance in the rise of Donald Trump – Redress ...

Who knows, I might be wrong I surely hope so. I would love nothing more to see the Coronavirus over, sadly my knowledge and education tell me otherwise. We are still in the first wave. I fear the second one will hit us very hard. Oh please, let me be wrong!

15 thoughts on “110,000 Ghosts are Backing me up!

  1. I hope you are wrong, but I fear not – and it will probably happen like that here too. You are quite within your rights to insist on customers wearing protection: as you say, your house, your rules.

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  2. I agree with you. It’s far from over. We’re just tired of it, so some people prefer to believe they no longer have to worry about anyone else. Or perhaps they never did worry about anyone else. Your shop your rules, all the way.

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  3. Hallelujah! I didn’t get the memo that the virus was “over”! Wow! How fantastic! Let me run right out and breathe all over everyone, stop washing my hands, and this N95 mask I have to wear 8-9 hours a day is pointless. The Trumpster Fire says so? Well, how could that NOT be accurate then? 😡😡

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