What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

Gansbratservice - Metzgerei Freyberger KG

I can’t help but smile when I think about all the Holiday geese who found their way into our kitchen. Roasted goose with potato dumplings and homemade red cabbage. A feast of the past, today a treat I rarely prepare anymore. It’s not worth the effort I have decided, but the smile on my face tells me otherwise.

It is worth the effort if it makes me feel good. After all, it’s a dish for the Christmas Holidays. Perhaps it was meant to be a compensation for the carp we had to eat every year on Christmas Evening.

My husband always smiles when he sees geese. Many years ago, on our way back home, we passed by a small pond full of geese. They were resting in the grass, swimming in the water. A whole flock had decided to rest there for a while. I got all excited, pointed toward the birds but could not come with their name and so I just pointed at them and said, “Look honey, yummy!”

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

When you learn a new language, you learn sayings and phrases that don’t make much sense at first glance. When I read the quote for the first time I got all excited. Finally, there would be a sauce served with my favorite dish. It was about time someone came up with that. Of course, the phrase wasn’t about cooking. As so often, I was wrong.

Translating it, looking up the meaning I learned what it stood for.  It’s one of the first phrases I learned and never forgot. It explains it all. It talks about our desire to be equal, to be treated the same in every situation.

Was Du night willst was man Dir tut, das füg auch keinem anderen zu (German)

(Do unto others as you would be done by!)

If we have all the quotes and phrases, why don’t we live by them? Every language has them. I suppose they were written down to guide us, yet we refuse to be guided.

It is hard to treat all people the same, I know that, I have been struggling with it all my life -yet I am trying.

My willingness to live by my beliefs are under continual attack since 1,316 days. Ever since Donald Trump got handed the presidency by the electoral college, I feel rattled in my core belief and I am not alone. Perhaps one of the reasons many of us still feel the same way we felt the morning after the election. Shock! Disbelieve! Disgust! Sadness! Fear!

We witnessed the uprising of racism openly. We see laws and regulations diminishing right before our eyes every day. The louder the drums play on stage, the more harm is done behind the scene.

Hatred has taken over this country and I wanted to stay away from it. Politics, after all, is just a game played by the rich, to control the poor.

What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

I am trying very hard to look at everybody the same way, but this country doesn’t make it easy on me. Namecalling, belittling people, disrespecting everybody and everything that is different. It is truly disgusting to see it openly displayed.

It tortures my soul, it forces me to stand up tall, when I want is to curl up into a ball.

And I am not even religious, yet I seem to have better beliefs than many who call themself Christians.

Sometimes I wonder am I the only one who is struggling that much? Am I the only one who feels burdened by it?

Why can’t we all just live in peace and harmony? All colors, all religions, all genders.

In my opinion, it is worth the effort.


4 thoughts on “What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander

  1. It is baffling, that with so many open-minded, decent people in the world, there are also still so many selfish, aggressive and bigoted men and women too. The things I hear them say seem to come from fear. Fear that without guns and the license to say how much they hate people who are different from them, they will be annihilated, deprived of everything they hold dear and made to disappear. I am struggling to try and understand, because Trump has licensed behaviour that few parents would ever allow and now grown-up Americans (and many in the UK too) feel free to use too.

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    • Racism = Fear! Fear of the unknown. Fear of everything that might be different at first glance. Fear of change!

      I expect nothing more than Trump being voted out of office by a landslide. I believe the quiet majority of this country will show up and vote him out. If not, then this country will sink into a fascistic dictatorship -if we aren’t there already. Lots of time left for damage until November.

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