Too Quickly

Ein Mund-Nasen-Schutz am Strand von Tel Aviv

Feeling too safe, too quickly
Forgetting the ones we lost
What’s going to be the price I wonder
Restarting life at all costs

Confused by uncovered faces
Not daring to do the same
Keeping my distance
While longing for contact

I feel left behind -alone
Scared and fearful yet optimistic
Marching toward my future
Smiling behind a mask.

The Happy Quitter 2020

3 thoughts on “Too Quickly

  1. I said something similar to a little girl behind the counter in the auto shop when I went to pick up my car, that she couldn’t see me smiling at her behind my mask. She wasn’t wearing one but I think the “rules” are a little more relaxed for children. Maybe we should start drawing smiles on the outside of our masks?


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